DAM999 - A Sohan Roy Film : Journey Started

Sohan Roy Dam 999 Movie PosterMar 30, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) By Jithu Chandran, Marine BizTV:  DAM999 is the directorial debut of Sohan Roy, a veteran mariner and the CEO of Aries Group of Companies, Dubai. The project is initiated by BizTV network along with Marine BizTV. The movie portrays on screen 9 characters, 9 moods and a dam of emotions. DAM999 intends to imprint the vedic concepts of Navarasas and Navagrahas along with the magical curing power of Ayurveda through its characters and situations of thus classic love story.

DAM999 is an emotional thriller and an ingenious attempt to highlight the unseen beauty of the maritime world in the backdrop of rich Indian culture while telling a compelling story in the backdrop of maritime life and an old dilapidated dam. The story was inspired by the collapse of Banqiao dam in China, 1975, which led to the collapse of 61 reservoirs, killing 2,00,000 people.

The cast and crew include sixteen National Award winners. Alleppey, the backwater city witnessed the shooting for the initial part of the movie. People were attracted by the beautiful sets set up in Mohamma, Alleppey. Now the whole crew is busy packing up to move on to the next location. The movie is expected to reach its audience by the end of this year.

For more information regarding the movie log on to www.damthemovie.com