Marine Biz TV's DAM 999 (2010) by Sohan Roy | An International Emotional Thriller with Navarasa inspired pioneering Screen-play

DAM 999 Movie PosterMar 29, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) A couple of centuries before Jesus Christ was born, the sage Bharata in India partially authored, compiled and edited a treatise on ancient and timeless Indian dance, music, drama and performing arts forms, titled Natya Shastra. In Natya Shastra, Bharat Muni defined eight Rasas - fundemental emotional states of the mind that are portrayed through the performing arts: Sringar (romance), Hasya (laughter), Raudra (anger), Karuna (pity), Bibhatsa (grotesque), Bhayanak (horror), Veer (heroic) and Adbhut (fantasy/strange). All of these are assigned their own Gods and colors.

Around a thousand years after Bharata, the great Indian thinker and philosopher Abhinavagupta added a ninth Rasa - Shanti (peace), a complete Rasa with its own God and color. Two more Rasas have remained in a proposal state for around 1500 years now - Vatsalya (love of parents) and Bhakti (religious devotion).  Thus, excluding the last two, there are currently Nine Rasas currently accepted, collectively called the Navarasas.

Cinema is an extension of drama, and the Navarasas of course define cinematographic properties of a motion picture very well.

The feature film DAM 999 ( directed by Sohan Roy strives to make a breakthrough in Cinematographic history by, for the first time, depicting all the nine emotional states defined by the Navarasa in a single film. The film seeks to present a revolutionary screen-play vetted by Hollywood veterans Rob Tobin and Eric Sherman. Involving all the Rasas on screen in the same reel has been a challenge even for the most reputed Directors. The nine lead characters in the movie are metaphorical to the Navarasas or the Nine Rasas. The movie also enlightens many more forgotten ethics of India which will astonish the world.

DAM 999 has a tentative release date towards the end of December, 2010.

Theatrical Trailer

Dam 999, a project initiated by Marine Biz TV - World's first Global Maritime Television Channel, with the extensive support of the maritime industry. Sohan Roy, the Director behind this work of art is also the CEO of Aries group of Companies, the parent company of Biz TV. With his successful achievement of 10 establishments in 10 years, he has proved his tremendous talents in various fields.

Director Sohan Roy says, "Dam 999 is an emotional thriller. It is inspired by many real life incidents. Through this film I want to convey the psychological stress every individual experiences by restricting one’s feelings and desires. One cannot go on for long without expressing one’s feelings. Like a pressure mounted DAM, concealed emotions will explode at some point of time. Words are not enough to convey the aftermaths of this outburst. The audience will relate to the symbolic representation of a DAM across everyone’s mind. In a very simple way, Dam 999 is a story of nine characters and their emotions. The lives of all the nine characters revolve around the central edifice, the pressure mounted DAM."

Official Synopsis

The sea breeze never shared the tales of the sea, but its mysteries reached the lands and have always aroused the imagination of many great minds. These stories becomes bland when it reaches the equator , such legends can be kept alive only by a mariner, the closest counter part of the ocean. Dam 999 is an epic portrayed through the eyes of a mariner for the world.

Dam 999, the first international movie that tells an extra ordinary story about the mariners. The movie visualizes a deteriorated dam built during the pre-independence days of India. The dam in the movie is a symbol of obstruction and contained emotions. Like the dam, the characters in the movie hold back their emotions, but a day comes when the dam collapses and with it flows the secrets of the characters

DAM 999, An emotional thriller Directed by Sohan Roy with 16 national award winners to give the viewers, an experience to delight in.


Rajit Kapur, Ashish Vidyarthi, Linda Arsenio, Joshua Fredric Smith, Jaala Pickering, Vimala Raman, Vinay Rai, Jineet Rath


Director: Sohan Roy S K
Project Consultant: Eric Sherman
Script Doctor: Rob Tobin
Director of Photography: Ajayan Vincent
Production Designer: Thotta Tharani
Casting Director & Associate Producer: Uzma Xina Kang
Music Director: Ouseappachan
Sound Designer: Shajith Koyeri
Make-Up Artist: Pattanam Rasheed
Costume Designer: S B Satheesh
Playback Singers: Hariharan, P. Jayachandran, K S Chithra, Shreya Ghoshal
Choreographer: Prasanna