Bengali Movie Prem Korechi Besh Korechi - Rituparna - Reaz - Poppy - Chunkey Pandey

Mar 26, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Prem Korechi Besh Korechi (2004) is a Bengali film starring Reaz, Rituparna, Poppy, Chunkey Pandey and others.

Listen to Bengali heroine Rituparna Sengupta talk about her experience in shooting for Bangladeshi movies and sharing her experience when working with Bangladeshi films and the Bangladeshi audience. She says, "For me, my opening in Bangladesh was a grand opening for me. Shabana Appa first gave me opportunity to work with a Bangladeshi production. It was produced by Shabana's husband and directed by Manowar Khokon. The title of the movie is Swami Keno Ashami (Buy DVD). The title is pretty funny - but movie titles like these are pretty common in Bangladesh. The movie made waves in Bangladesh. I have been accepted with love by the Bangladeshi movie audience. I liked it very much, after all being a foreign heroine."