Bengali Movies of Nabyendu Chatterjee - the great parallel art-house film-maker

Mar 19, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Bengali and Hindi film actor and film-maker Nabyendu Chatterjee (1937 - 2009) is a remarkable figure in Indian Cinema. A powerful actor himself, the films he directed are disturbing, and tend to bring out dark aspects of human society that are usually left alone in a closet. His scene compositions are considered rough by some, cinematographic brilliance by others, but ignored by none, and tend to hit the minds of the audience. Emotions are inescapable while watching a Nabendu Chatterjee film. Unfortunately, the number of films he made is too small to quench the thirst of film lovers craving movies from a director of his caliber: Shilpi (1993), Atmaja (1990), Parshuramer Kuthar (1989), Sasireep (1987), Chopper (1985), Aaj Kaal Parshur Galpa (1981), Ranur Pratham Bhag (1974), Chithi (1973), Adwitiya (1968) and Naya Raasta (1967).

Chopper Bengali MovieIn Chopper (buy DVD online) starring Joy Banerjee, Sreela Majumdar, Mrinal Basu, Snatana Basu and himself, Nabyendu Chatterjee presents a thought-evoking portrayal of the lives of the members of a poor family in Kolkata.

Bengali Movie - Mansoor Miyar GolpoMansur Miar Ghora (The Last Ride) [DVD] starring Nabyendu Chatterji, Arun Mukherjee, Baisul Islam Asad, Archana Banerjee and Jolly Chanda stands on the crossroads of conflicting values, the old paving way for the new. It revolves around the archetypal character of old and constant Mansur Mian and his obsession for his landau that was handed down to him by his ancestors, and a horse as old as himself. It is at the fag end of his life when Mansur Mian is compelled to come to terms with reality. Sirajul, Mansur's son, advises him to dispose of both the landau and the animal. Utter poverty in the family and a barren market for the landau, precipitate this crisis. Sirajul's intention is to purchase a taxi for earning his livelihood. Shattered, Mansur has to agree to sell his precious landau. The carriage that has carried so many men through his life now carries Mansur on his last ride.

Bengali Movie - Parasuramer KutharParshuramer Kuthar (DVD) starring Sreelekha Mukherji and Arun Mukherjee is a brilliant twist-in-a-tale story of a poor woman who loses her unborn baby in the aftermath of the fall of her husband from the roof and resulting disability. The woman is forced to earn money initially by breast feeding the children of others and eventually selling her body. The film has a devastating climax of a young man showing up to request her bodie's services - a young man who she had once given her breast to when he was a baby. Sreelekha Mukherjee won a National Award for her brilliant depiction of the unfortunate woman Lakkhi.

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