Exclusive Interview - Ananya Chatterjee - Kolkata Bengali Movie Actress (Dwando, Abohoman, Angshumaner Chobi, Iti Mrinalini)

Mar 19, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Bengali movie actress Ananya Chatterjee is well known in the Kolkata Bengali film industry for her roles in Sharan Dutta's Raat Barota Paanch (2005) [DVD], Agnidev Chatterjee's Prabhu Noshto Hoi Jai (2007), Suman Ghosh's Dwando (2009) [DVD], Atanu Ghosh's Angshumaner Chobi (2009), Rituparno Ghosh's Abohoman (2010), Aparna Sen's Iti Mrinalini, Basu Chatterjee's Tok Jhal Mishti (2002) [DVD] and so on.

Washington Bangla Radio's WBRi USA affiliate VNNBangla.com has published an exclusive interview video with Paromita Pal and actress Ananya Chatterjee to mark the launch of Dwando in North America (USA and Canada) in DVD and VOD formats. (Order Dwando on DVD, or from Netflix online). Dwando is written and directed by acclaimed award-winning NRI film-maker Suman Ghosh, who has previously written and directed Podokkhep (2006) [DVD] which won Soumitra Chatterjee a National Award.

Ananya Chatterjee talks about how she would have performed differently if Dwando was filmed again, and how all actors and actresses in the Cinema industry always look back at their performances and wonder if they would have delivered a better performance given another chance. These are matters of introspection common to heroes and heroines across the board. But, in the case of Dwando, whatever performances came out were a united and inspired effort towards delivering a great film. "We did not want Dwando to be something else, we wanted it to be the way it is", she says, which perhaps hints at satisfaction on the performances as they are.

Ananya Chatterjee plays the character of "Sudipta" in Dwando. On how she approached and what she felt about the role of Sudipta, Ananya says it is vitally important for any actress to visualize the entire film in terms of its storyline and message before trying to fill in the shoes of the character to be played. It is not right for any actress to think about the bigger context of the picture while half way into shooting her role.

About any similarities between Ananya Chatterjee's portrayal of Sudipta and any real-life incidents, Ananya says every actress has her own way of performing - some actresses think about painful incidents in their own life while playing a sad incident on film, some others think about the character's emotional state. In Dwando, she hints at approaching Sudipta as Sudipta would have been if she were real.

When talking about the internationalization of Bengali film and Dwando, Ananya Chatterjee correctly reminds us all that Bengali film-makers have delivered world-class films for a long time now. Satyajit Ray, Ritwick Ghatak and so on have already proven a long time ago that "international-level" movies can be made in Bengal by Bengalis, and one should not confuse world-class film-making with international marketing or distribution of movies.

Watch the entire video interview on-line via You Tube.