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Murder of Jessica Lall

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Mar 16, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Many people vividly remember the high-profile crime and subsequent trial for the 1999 murder of the stunningly beautiful Jessica Lall - a model from Delhi - who was shot dead while serving drinks in a high-society party. The trigger was pulled openly in front of many witnesses by Manu Sharma, son of powerful and wealthy Haryana politician Vinod Sharma. In a stunning setback to the prosecution and a decision that dumbfounded Indians, raising questions of the extent of corruption caused by money and power-politics, Manu Sharma was declared innocent by a court in 2006.

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Under relentless pressure and mounting criticism, the case was taken by the prosecution to the higher-level Delhi High Court. Remarkably, the High Court found the judgement of the lower court untenable, and also found Manu Sharma guilty as charged of murdering Jessica Lall. Manu Sharma is subsequently serving life.

At 2 AM in the fateful night, a thoroughly drunk Manu Sharma asked Jessica for another drink, and also offered a thousand bucks for her more personal services. Jessica refused both, and in the style of Danny DeVitto in The Goodfellas, Manu shot Jessica.

Directed by Rajkumar Gupta and produced by UTV Motion Pictures, the film No One Killed Jessica features Rani Mukherjee as a journalist who revives the Jessica Lal case and Vidya Balan plays Sabrina Lall, Jessica's sister.

Shooting started in Mid-February and the film would be shot in New Delhi. According to reports, the No One Killed Jessica will have a release date in December 2010.

Watch the free video news online below - Rajkumar Gupta is reportedly looking for a heroine to play the role of Jessica, since neither Rani nor Vidya want to play that role.

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