Bengali vs Telugu Movie Industry

Mar 15, 2010, by Biplab Pal: Hyderbad has a great movie industry and Telegu movies do far better business than Bengali movies in India and abroad. Just imagine-There are 60M Telegus and 250M Bengalis-yet, we have a movie industry which is not commercially as successful as Telegu industry. What does that tell you?

We may criticize  Bengali film industry-but we never did our job right. That is buying the genuine DVDs of Bengali cinema to boost the Bengali film industry. Now that Databazaar Media Ventures are bringing the genuine Bengali DVDs in North American Market (Amazon, Netflix), please help Bengali film industry by buying DVDs or download.

Please buy it from Amazon: Newly released "Dwando"  is already shipping (my order has been shipped today)-Give a boost to our film industry-they need your help.

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