GURU DUTT - Tribute at 34th Hong Kong International Film Festival 2010

The prestigious 34th Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF), from March 21 to April six, will pay special tribute to India’s late actor-director-producer-writer Guru Dutt, whom it calls “Bollywood Guru”.
Festival will showcase his “Kagaz Ke Phool” (1959, with Waheeda Rehman) [Blu-ray DVD], “Mr & Mrs 55” (1955, with Madhubala) [Blu-Ray DVD], “Sahib Bibi aur Gulam” (1962, with Meena Kumari & Waheeda Rahman) [Saheb Bibi Aur Ghulam Blu-Ray DVD], and “Pyaasa” (1957, with Mala Sinha & Waheeda Rehman) [Pyaasa Blu-Ray DVD Release] films. While “Sahib Bibi aur Gulam” was directed by Abrar Alvi, rest were all directed by Filmfare Award winner Guru Dutt himself.

Commending HKIFF for honoring Guru Dutt, Indo-American statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, urged India Government and large private conglomerates of India to promote independent cinema. India was full of creative and excellent filmmakers and they only needed an integrated effort in funding, encouragement, marketing/promotion, exposure in global avenues, and organization of world-level film festivals in India, Rajan Zed, who is chairperson of Indo-American Leadership Confederation, added.
Screening over 240 titles from over 50 countries in 11 major cultural venues across the territory, HKIFF claims to be one of Asia’s most reputable platforms for filmmakers, film professionals and filmgoers from all over the world to launch new works and experience outstanding films. Wilfred Wong and Ann Hui are Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively of Board of Directors of HKIFF Society. Its tagline is: "Uniting the World through Film".

Watch the Mala Sinha - Guru Dutt classic Hindi movie song Jaane Woh Kaise Log from Pyaasa free online via dekhona: