Love Sex Aur Dhokha (2010) [LSD] Full Song Promo Tainu TV by Kailash Kher HD Music Video Release

Love Sex Aur Dhoka 2010 Hindi MovieMar 15, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) The producers of Indian Bollywood Hindi movie "Love Sex aur Dhokha" popularly called LSD have released a free full promo song music video for the audio track Tainu TV performed by popular Indian pop and Hindi movie playback singer Kailash Kher. The video is in HD.

Directed by Dibakar Banerjee,  Love Sex aur Dhokha is a film about voyeurism. According to recent reports and stills released by the media, there are some nude sex scenes of the kind never before seen in Indian cinema this boldly. The director has reportedly expressed displeasure on the media focus on the fleshy scenes without taking into consideration the context or the background leading to the scenes.

The film is essentially about how we have become a generation of voyeurs and flashers simultaneously. This film is about keyhole. On one side of the keyhole is a guy who is peeping in and on other side, there is a person who is hoping that someone is peeping in, and then its us, who are seeing all this. And it is adding bizarre subtext to our society. On television, newspapers, other media, we are obsessed with the most meaningless trivia of what other people are doing about their life. LSD explores the human emotions of love, sex & betrayal through very candid points of view. The film is a roller coaster ride told through the chaos of the camera that has invaded all our lives – through handy cams filming home movies, security cameras shooting every inch of existence, mobile phones transmitting love messages, sting cameras uncovering uncomfortable truths.

Watch the full audio song promo-preview trailer of Tainu TV online free via You Tube.