Karma: The New Revolution movie release to explain Michael Jackson's death and Tiger Wood's apolology

Acharya Zen Karma The Revolution Movie Poster Mar 9, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Acharya Zen is the only self-help expert and Motivational Speaker who combines the true essence of Eastern Spirituality with the rousing tone of Western Motivation. As the prime architect behind the revival of the original Buddhist philosophies of India which have been dubbed the world's all-time greatest by our brightest minds from Carl Jung and Albert Einstein to Bertrand Russell and Mark Twain, Acharya Zen is now correcting the many myths and mistranslations associated with Eastern spirituality and replacing the 'abstract jargon' with a powerful Motivational Style and a present-day real-world approach for people of all faiths and demographics.

Upcoming film to explain role of “Karma” in Tiger Woods’ famous apology: A new film, titled "Karma: The New Revolution", will explain the role of Karma in the recent golfer Tiger Woods’ apology, according to reports.
Reportedly releasing on March 15, it will also explain the role Karma played in the death of entertainment icon Michael Jackson. It will highlight how Karma Yoga has helped everyday individuals overcome credit crunch, cancer and crime, it is said.
Filmed in over a dozen countries, it is presented by Acharya Zen, who was reportedly quoted as saying: Karma and Redemption go hand in hand and in Verse 173 of The Dhammapadas, the Buddha states that 'a person who makes amends for his mistakes can light up the world like the moon merging from the clouds'. This suggests that Tiger Woods can redeem himself by following the Buddha's last words 'Appo Deepo Bhava' or 'Be a lamp unto yourself'. Tagline of the film is: “Take Charge of your Destiny!”
Indo-American statesman Rajan Zed says that “Karma” is becoming highly popular in Hollywood and other entertainment industries. In 2009 alone, four films and one television series titled “Karma” were made. Starting with J.L. Freer-Hunt directed 1933 “Karma”, 21 films titled “Karma” have been produced. Beginning with 1912 “The Reincarnation of Karma” (about a snake who is said to resume human form every 100 years) to upcoming 2011 “The Karma Coalition”, there are 61 films whose name includes word “Karma” in it. Hollywood diva Lindsay Lohan (Mean Girls) wrote on social networking service ‘twitter’ sometime back: “i'm all about Karma.. what goes around comes around!”, Zed, who is chairperson of Indo-American Leadership Confederation, adds.

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