Watch: POWER Bangla Movie Trailer - JEET Nusrat Sayantika (পাওয়ার)

By J P Mandal and Asmita Mukherjee, WBRINN (

Tollywood Hero JEET in POWER

Kolkata, March 24 (Washington Bangla Radio) The trailer of  the  upcoming Bengali movie ‘ Power’ which stars Tollywood hunk Jeet along with Nusrat Jahan and Sayantika in the lead has been launched.

The trailer  gives the first look of the film and the edge of the seat actions that awaits the millions of  fans of Jeet. It starts with the question being asked whether one should dial 100 ( In India the emergency helpline number that contact the cops is 100)  or keep 100 bucks ready to receive help from the Police. As the voice over ( probably of Jeet’s onscreen mother in the film) asks this question or rather makes this statement, Jeet makes an action packed entry in a police uniform, of course a couple of button missing which makes it almost obvious that he is a cop who cares very little about norms.


Jeet’s entry is also marked with a bunch of flying goons, which have always been a compulsory package in high budget action films all over India. Almost immediately the bold text ‘Law..Becomes Outlaw’ flashes on the screen confirming the kind of ‘virtuous’ and ‘honest’ officer the superstar is in this film. Jeet’s voice over also declares the noble ambition he is pursuing : ‘Aj obdi keu dekheni.ami emon ekjon corrupted Police officer hobo’ ( I will become such a corrupted Police Office that no one has ever seen before)  as he beats goons into pulps braving bullets, daggers and more.

Kolkata Actress SAYANTIKA in POWER

The trailer introduces Jeet (or rather Jeet introduces himself in the trailer) as ‘Jeetu.. Jeetu amar naam’. Oh yes! don’t get confused, it seems that the busy team unit got no time to decide on a screen name for the superstar and has borrowed the real name of Jeet. The name the superstar’s passport bears is Jeetu Madnani.

Jeet aka Jeetu’s self-introduction in the trailer takes an even more dramatic turn when he rides into a crowd on a bike and is again seen in police uniform and again a few buttons  missing. His attire is well matched with his rough, unpolished and typical rowdy accent which is more than acceptable to the primary target audience of the frontline superstars of Bengali cinema. As Jeetu goes on with his stylish introduction ‘sitis’ (whistles) and Talis (claps) from the crowd greet him, a good reminder for the audience what to do while watching the movie.

As the trailer progresses, sneak peak of the villains, ranging from hateable rowdies to cunning politicians are given. But the hero dominates everywhere making more pulps of the villains, bashing them, slashing them and shooting them at will. He also threats them with heavy weight dialogues which seems to be so merciful compared to the other treatments the protagonist engages in throughout the trailer.  The trailer also has glimpses of Jeet’s romance with his lady loves in the film.

Overall the trailer of Power is engaging and portrays Jeet in the exact way his fans prefers to see him on screen. Thus it can be easily said that the trailer has every potential to drag his fans to the theaters when the film releases on 14th April. Don’t miss the cute ponytail Jeet displays in the film. His female fans are sure to drool over  it. It would be no crime to fancy that the marketing team of the film will come up with a contest ‘ Touch Jeet’s Pony tail’ to make most out of the superstar’s new look.

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