US Consul General Craig L. Hall Visits Kolkata Art Exhibition Opened by Actress Sayani Datta and Fashion Designer Agnimitra Paul

Bengali Actress SAYANI DATTA
Sayani Datta

Kolkata, March 17 - Renowned fashion designer Agnimitra Paul and eminent Tollywood actress Sayani Datta recently inaugurated an art exhibition titled Cart That Art – Priceless Art @ Artful Prices, at ICCR in Kolkata.

Kolkata Fashion Designer AGNIMITRA PAUL
Agnimitra Paul

The exhibition presented by six contemporary artists from Kolkata are presenting is an eclectic mix of around 75 attractive paintings that represent everything from spirituality to various facades of Kolkata and a plethora of moods and melodies on canvas.

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The exhibition was also graced by the US Consul General in Kolkata, Craig L. Hall.

United States Consul General Kolkata Craig L. Hall
United States Consul General Kolkata Craig L. Hall

The exhibition featured six painters, namely Ashok Haralalka, Kavita Bhuwalka, Nidhi Bhadani, Madhabi Sarkar, Ritu Khetriwal and Usha Bubna, passionately painting for more than a decade and a half on a diverse range of subjects, from landscape to cityscape, from nature to abstract, from the muted to vibrant, primarily using acrylic on canvas. The paintings on display range from Rs 7,500 and go up to Rs 25,000.

Elucidating upon the exhibition, curator and exhibiting artist Ashok Haralalka said, “The name came from e-commerce. Whenever someone goes to an online site, they cart items they want to purchase. The name came from there. Cart that Art. Online art does not sell. So what we have tried to recreate is make it tangentially possible for viewers to see and buy, with an eventuality of making it available online.” Adding further he said, “Cart that Art will regularly exhibit multiple bodies of work and add more artists to create a repository of veritable artworks and a percentage of the sales will be donated to the Denmark based NGO Little Big Help operating in Calcutta, providing boarding lodging and education to abandoned street children.”

Painting: Nidhi Bhadani Dream Girl
"Dream Girl" by Nidhi Bhadani

Speaking at the fashion designer, Agnimitra Paul said, “The paintings are extraordinary representations and each person has encompassed a completely different style on the canvas. Actress Sayani Datta too was all praise for the exhibits. She said, “The paintings are not garbed in modern jargon. They are aesthetic representations that any lay man can comprehend and are pleasing to the eye.”

Painting: Ashok Haralalka
"Memorial Explosins" by Ashok Haralalka

The paintings encompass a variety of styles. From wall paintings and murals in Ajanta and Elora that are some of the inspiration behind Madhabi Sarkar’s etchings to spirituality that forms a basis of Kavita Bhuwalka’s frames or an eclectic mix of colours in Nidhi Bhadani’s paintings, the canvasses are replete with deft brush strokes that can leave enthusiasts mesmerised and contemplative. Usha Bubna’s Sangam shows a dextrous convergence of the two forces of man and woman represented through Shiv and Shakti and Ritu Khetriwal’s Embedded and Unified in Love is replete with beautiful murals and cerulean shades.