Aakash Choya: New Bangla Movie by Sudeshna Roy and Avijit Guha Premieres on Zee Bangla Cinema Originals

By Neel B Mitra and Rono

Akash Choya - New Bangla Movie

Kolkata, March 2 -  Aakash Choya, a ZBC Originals film by acclaimed director duo Sudeshna Roy and Avijit Guha, will be aired on 13th March, 9pm Indian time on Zee Bangla Cinema TV channel broadcasting from Kolkata.

Aakash Choya stars Arjun Chakraborty, Ridhdhima Ghosh, Anindyo, Kushal Chakraborty and Mohua Halder. The film is a cinematographic adaptation of a short story by Procheto Gupta titled "Nadi".

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Aakash Choya (Bengali, 2016): Story / Synopsis

Niladri and Suchismita are a young upwardly mobile couple with a 7year old boy Rayan. Niladri and Suchismita have shifted into a new locality recently and a young man Kaustuv from the locality befriends them.

Akash Choya - New Bangla Movie

Though a little down market in his attitude, Kaustuv somehow manages to ingratiate himself to Niladri. He runs several errands for him, very often takes the responsibility of baby sitting Rayan, also runs errands for Suchismita.

Akash Choya - New Bangla Movie

Suchismita takes advantage of Kaustuv but also derides him at every opportunity. Niladri tries to explain to her that she should be a little more polite to Kaustuv, as he is not a servant but a good natured young man. He may be poor, down market but he has studied somewhat, so don't treat him likea servant.

At this juncture Suchismita's younger sister Nivedita comes to visit them. She is from Bangalore and this is her first visit to Kolkata. She has several comments about the city some not so complementary, and Suchi agrees to it.

Niladri tries to defend the city, but cannot. Kaustuv who had been visiting their home, had overheard Nivedita and Suchismita's comments and barged into the conversation by saying, Kolkata is a city with a heart and soul, it knows how to forgive and forget. It is a city that took on people with a open heart.

Akash Choya - New Bangla Movie

His impassioned speech leaves Nivedita dumbstruck and Suchismita angry.

However the next day Kaustuv again barges into their conversation regarding a visit to rural Bengal and suggests Gadiara at the confluence of Rupnarayan and Hoogly rivers. Suchi tries to negate his suggestion, but when Kaustuv says he could arrange for the pad bungalow through his uncle, Suchi feels he is trying to pull a fast one and she says arrange it. She is sure he will not be able to do so.

Akash Choya - New Bangla Movie

However Kaustuv does arrange, accompanies the family and runs all errands to please them. At the destination, the bungalow is there but not much else. The caretaker is a reluctant guy who has to be cajoled into action, and the only thing that revives him  the scent of a 100 rupee note.

Kaustuv manages to organise it all ! A sumptuous meal and finally a romantic boat ride. In the boat Suchi for once is happy.

Akash Choya - New Bangla Movie

Kaustuv and Nivedita talk about her plans to go to the US to study biotechnology. Nivedita says it all but is rather patronizing in her attitude towards Kaustuv. At one point Kaustuv asks her one question that bewilders her and sets her thinking.

The whole team returns. As they enter their locality a whole lot of locals come running to the car and tell Kaustuv to rush home. The others are worried as Kaustuv rushes off. But Suchi is nonchalant, says it's a habit with the lower class to over-dramatize small things. Remember Kaustuv had a cellphone which he sold because he said he needed the money for some forms and exams or something.

Later in the evening the doorbell rings and Kaustuv is there with a box of sweets. He announces he had applied for a US University for full scholarship and he had received it today. So the sweets and presents for the family. It was they who had helped him unknowingly, he used to come here regularly to read English newspapers and magazines, to hear them talk so he could sit for his TOEFl and face an interview board!

A surprised Nivedita asks what are you going to study.


A stunned family faces Kaustuv. Rayan is excited. Niladri is enthusiastic! Suchismita is unable to take the reality.

But Nivedita is softly impressed. As Kaustuv is about to leave Nivedita says, I wish I could get into the same university! Kaustuv replies: Nothing will be better for me!