Parambrata Chatterjee shares his take on style at Blenders’s Pride Style speak

Kolkata, March 26, 2015 (Washington Bangla Radio): Parambrata Chatterjee, one of the top talents the Bengali film Industry can boast of, recently  shared his views on style and fashion statement at the Blenders Pride style speak event which recently took place at Saturday Club in Kolkata.

Though the actor started with an expression of astonishment that if he really fit as the speaker at an event which has style and fashion as its theme, he turned out to be the best possible choice as he spoke at length about his perception of style, the evolution of his fashion sense over the years and the factors that acted as catalysts during those periods.

                                Parambrata at the Blenders Pride style speak

Speaking to Washington Bangla Radio on the occasion he said, “Wardrobes of most of the Men are influenced by their female partners. So it can safely be said that a man’s style statement reflects a lot about how their partners want them to be.”

                         Parambrata at the Blenders Pride style speak

The witty actor also sited of a real life experience to establish the fact and it was none but his own story. He said, “One of my previous partners took a fierce attempt to revamp my wardrobe. Most of my loose fitting shirts, in which I was always very comfortable, were thrown away. Instead branded clothes made their way into my wardrobe. My budget of clothing shot up like anything. I was not even earning that much at that point of time and it was starting to get beyond what I could afford.”

“I believe that being fashionable is not wearing branded and expensive clothing. Someone can be very stylish in a simple Dhoti or Punjabi . Another wrong idea prevails about being stylish is that one has to follow western trends to be called fashionable. We can be extremely fashionable in our native clothes.”  Parambrata added.

                                             Fiddlers Green performing at the event

The evening also witnessed a fabulous live performance from the band Fiddlers Green.