Trailer of 89 released, hints of an edge of the seat thriller

Kolkata, March 17, 2015 (Washington Bangla Radio): The official trailer of the much awaited movie 89 has been released. The film which has been directed by Manoj Michigan brings back Saswata Chatterjee as the dreaded killer after his much acclaimed portrayal of Bob Biswas, the cold blooded and polite serial killer in Kahaani.
With stars like Raima Sen and Saswata Chatterjee in pivotal roles, the new age treatment and the numerology playing a key role in the plot this films seems to be determined to hit a jackpot at the box office. 89 may have all the elements needed for a commercial success but it has also been a sensation in many of the top film festivals around the world.
A peep at the trailer hints that the movie revolves round a Sabyasachi Pal a dreaded serial killer. The character of Raima Sen is keen to found this killer who is in a ‘highly confidential and secured medical facility. After a look at the fast paced trailer audience will surely be curious to know the answers of the questions such as: Why a pretty lass like Raima is after a dreaded criminal? Why is the criminal being kept in a highly confidential secured medical facility? What role does the numerology play in the movie? But the cast and crew of the film is absolutely tight lipped about all these. Our effort of deriving the plot details through espionage may have failed but we do agree that bringing out infos of a thriller can prove fatal to its appeal.  Definitely there are murders in the movie but the director has promised that those very murders will bring the plot alive.
The trailer also gives a glimpse of Shataf Figar who will be having a full-fledged debut with this film. A unique screen presence he has indeed. A much welcome thing for the resource starved Bengali film industry.
A more minute look at the trailer will reveal another interesting thing. The trailer has been surgically précised into 89 seconds!
89 releases on 24th April and there is a word that it will hit exactly 89 theatres across the country.

Watch the trailer of upcoming Bengali film 89

By Jyoti Prakash Mandal