Tagore Music Group's 2014 Production

Washington D.C., March 5, 2014 (Washington Bangla Radio):  TOMARI RAGINI, the Spring 2014 production by Tagore Music Group of Greater Washington DC is scheduled to be staged at the Kreeger auditorium of JCCGW (the Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington) in Rockville, Maryland, on March 30th Sunday from 3:30 pm through 5:30 pm.

Tomari Ragini will strive to demonstrate Rabindranath Tagore's use of Indian Classical Ragas in his own abundant compositions. Twelve ragas have been chosen to be shown via vocals and live instrumental music, each followed by the Tagore version of the raga... depicting Tagore's variations as well as in some instances adherence to the classical tonal modes or intonations. Each of these 24 songs will be accompanied by dance, recitation, narrations and in some instances drama.


Here is the link of  past performance of Tagore Music Group of Greater Washington: