Holud Pakhir Dana: Bengali Film Audio Songs Music Release

By Jyoti Prakash Mandal

Actress Rimjim Mitra and Director Kanoj Das
Actress Rimjim Mitra with Mr. and Mrs. Kanoj Das

Kolkata, March 31, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): The soundtrack album of Kanoj Das' fifth Bengali movie ‘Halud Pakhir Dana’ was released in a shopping mall in the presence of cast and crew members and dignitaries. The director described the Bengali film songs in the music album as ‘soulful’ and ‘full of sentiment’ and expressed optimism about the music touching countless hearts.

Holud Pakhir Dana Audio Songs Music Album

Popular Bhoomi vocalist Surojit Chatterjee is the music director.  His compositions for the film reflect the romantic approach to life portrayed in Holud Pakhir Dana. Chatterjee believes the six songs of the film will be loved by listeners, more so as singers like Shaan, June Banerjee, Nipabithi Ghosh, Raghav Chatterjee and Uttam Sarkar have performed the songs adding glamor to the compositions.

Holud Pakhir Dana Audio Songs Music Album

Exclusively talking to WBRi, Surojit said, “Today at the music launch all I can say that this is the day for which we waited for two long years. All of us have made great efforts to present good music. All the six songs of the film boast of good music. One song has been sung in three different versions. Also one of the songs in the film has been shot on the float, and has been picturised on a boatman. Therefore, in the demand of the sequence a ‘Bhatiali’ folk song was used, which is sung by me.”

The film ‘Holud Pakhir Dana’ is a love story of a doctor couple who meet by fate.

In the story, declining big offers from the corporate hospitals, Riju (Dibyendu), a London-returned doctor comes to a village named Madhupur to practice medicine to fulfill his father’s dream. Suddenly Riju meets with a car accident. The owner of the car too is a doctor named Saheli Mitra (Rimjhim Gupta) who looks after him and a friendly and cordial relationship grows between the two.

By this time Riju gets news of his mother’s death and Saheli supports him in his time of grief. Thereafter their relationship gets another color when Riju comes to know of Saheli's advanced cancer, and he has to confront the cruelty of his fate.

Looking hot draped in a beautiful beige and black combination saree and low back choli-cut blouse, actress Rimjhim Gupta said, “The storyline is unique and there is no show  of violence, bloodshed or nudity in the film. After a long time the director has presented something which one can watch sitting with everyone.”

“There is a recent trend of making films with only hot bodied heroes and directors or producers do not deal with good scripts or acting. Halud Pakhir Dana takes a different approach and I am sure our audience will fall in love with the romantic story with tragic conclusion. Every musical composition in the movie is different; some emotional and sentimental notes could encumber listeners evoking pathos from human lives.”

Though Dibyendu was not present at the event, West Bengal State Government Housing Minister Arup Biswas known for his profound interest in good cinema and music was present to release the CD.

Director Kanoj Das said about Holud Pakhir Dana, “People do not get to see good movies in recent times. The general story lines are confined to lots of violence, location shoot in foreign countries, remaking of movies from South and most importantly inclusion of item songs. Fortunately none of these elements can be found in my film. The first positive attribute of Holud Pakhir Dana is the storyline written by producer Bidu Das. Second, team work that resulted in excellent acting performances. And third, the music, composed by Surojit Chatterjee. If the audience comes to the theater with their loved ones, I promise they will feel the presence of the ‘Yellow Wings’ which is nothing but a fool’s paradise in the recent times.”

Holud Pakhir Dana is all set to release and open in theaters on 12th April.