Chayamoy Review

By Jyoti Prakash Mandal / WBRINN

Rituparna Sengupta and Goutam Ghosh at Chayamoy Audio Songs Music Release
Rituparna Sengupta and Goutam Ghosh at Chayamoy Music Release

Kolkata, March 24, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio) Director Haranath Chakraborty continues the ghost fest in Bengali cinema with ‘Chayamoy’. The new Kolkata Bangla movie is likely to delight fans of ghost stories, especially kids.

Chayamoy (Chayamoye) Indian Kolkata BanglaChildren's Film: Poster Wallpaper

Adapted with little deviation from the Sirsendu Mukherjee novel, the film tells the story of a London (UK) based scholar Indrajit (Gaurav Chakraborty) working to preserve historical documents who finds a parchment pointing to treasure hidden in a decaying royal palace in an obscure village named Simulgarh in Bengal. Indrajit does find the treasure in the form of gold coins, but is relieved of them by local strongman Gagan Sapui (Dipankar De). Accused of robbery, beaten up and left in the forest, Indrajit is rescued by a benevolent spirit ‘Chayamoy’ (Sabyasachi Chakrabarty) who arranges the involvement of a village kid in the rescue.

Not so coincidentally, the kid's dad is the lone goldsmith of the village, whose services are requested by Sapui to melt the coins and make new jewelry off the gold.

The coins have immeasurable historical value and their melting has to be stopped. The film also springs quite a few surprises around the real identities of Chayamoy the apparition and Indrajit himself, and the real scope of Chayamoy's orchestration of the events.

The film has its highs and lows. Rudimentary CG visual effects will appeal to a section of the Bengali film audience. The original shooting locations create a great atmosphere. The lead actors have performed well and rise up to the needs of the script.

But wardrobe management could have been better. The healthy and bubbly boy (Master Adhiraj) is not very convincing as belonging to a family that is abjectly poor and often goes without meals. It is also curious the only goldsmith in the village would have such a hard life.

Sabyasachi Chakraborty's portrayal of Chayamoy leaves one begging for more - his role could have been easily extended and editing sharpened to compensate.

A memorable performance of a negative role by Dipankar De and an adequate performance by Gaurav is supported by some great performances by the supporting actors. It is the latter who provide comic relief as well. Also, the director deserves praise for detailing the supporting characters with care. Gaurav, however, is not challenged enough in this film.

Characters like Lakhan, Kali kapalik and the robber-duo stand out. Paran Bandhopadhay in his cameo is seen in his humorous best as the action guy who reduces villains to tears a few times.

And of course there is the hot Rituparna Sengupta item song Mujra dance number which has it's intended effect.

Watch Chayamoy with children and do not stop the kid in you from ruling you for a couple of hours of adventure, suspense, comedy and escape from the real world.

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