RANGREZZ Review: Of friendship and love

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN

Poster of RANGREZZ outside a movie theater in Calcutta

Kolkata, March 23, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): How far would one go to help your friend? This is essentially the question that the new Bollywood Hindi film Rangrezz raises. The film is inspired from the Tamil movie Naadodigal. Priyadarshan has aptly molded the Tamil film and makes it a gripping story for the Bollywood audience.

The story revolves around Rishi (Jackky Bhagnani) who helps his friends in times of need. He goes to great lengths to help them.

He values friendship so deeply that he does not even care for the fact that a single entry in his police record in his attempt to save his friends will have a negative impact on his job interview with the police department. And without a government job he will not be able to marry his sweetheart Megha (Priya Anand).

Things take a turn when his friend Joy comes and asks for Rishi’s help in solving the complications in his love life. With the help of Rishi and his three friends, they abduct Rishi’s lady love Jasmine and get them married. In this process, one friend of Rishi loses his leg and another one his hearing ability partially.

They come to know later that their sacrifice has gone to waste as Rishi’s friend and his wife are getting a divorce. The evaporation of their love is fast and for that they are chided by Rishi and his friends in the final scenes of the film.

The film is hard hitting and delves deep into subjects of love, marriage and divorce. Priyadarshan after a long time has delivered a film which is gripping and will keep the audience engrossed from the first scene to the last. The director portrays the racy events on film with the help of narration. He does not let go of the reigns of the film and hence the characters develop in an effortless manner from the story.

Santosh Sivan has done a credible job with his camera. The lush green beauty of nature and rain-soaked Mumbai have been captured in great detail by the cinematographer. This lends a visually rich element to the film.

The dialogues help to add an element of humor. The songs in the film include “dil ko aya sukoon” and “koi kahe chitchor”. “Shiv Shabhu” and the Gangnam song have been effectively placed in the film.

Jackky Bhagnani has evolved as an actor which is evident in Rangrezz. As the boy who does not think twice before rushing into problems for his friends, he is effective and is convincing. He is good not only in the action scenes but also in the emotional scenes. Jackky hardly sings or dances in the course of the film. However at the end of the film he grooves to the Gangnam song and mesmerizes the audience with his dancing capabilities yet again.

Priya Anand as Megha plays the role of Rishi’s love interest. She successfully portrays the girl next door who craves for his attention.

Pankaj Tripathi and Lushin Dubey have done well as warring politicians and their diction in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar dialects is impressive.

On the whole Rangrezz is a good movie on friendship and is a fitting successor to Kai Po Che in the friendship movies chronology.

Watch Rangrezz Hindi Movie Official Trailer feat. Jackky Bhagnani - a film by Priyadarshan (Youtube)