Rudranil Ghosh Directs Bangla Movie SHUNNO: A Glimpse from Shooting

By Barshali Banerjee / WBRINN

Rudranil Ghosh as Director

Kolkata, March 21, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): ‘Shunno’ (Zero) is suddenly of immense value in the Bengali film  industry. Goutam Ghosh recently won many hearts which his feature film "Shunno Anko" that stood out for wonderful performances by the actors. Now one of today's finest Bengali actors Rudranil Ghosh has donned the director's hat and making "Shunno". The Bengali feature film is a love story cum political thriller with two new fresh faces leading the star cast, and has a very different story from Ghosh's film.

Anjan Dutta and Rudranil Ghosh

"Goutam-da is one of the greatest directors and undoubtedly a lot of things can be learnt from him. I respect his way of film-making from the core of my heart. But the similarity in the title of my film is merely a co-incidence. I wrote the story and decided on the title four years ago, whereas Shunno Onko opened in theatres a few days ago,” said Rudranil. “Koushik-da and Roni-da (Rajatava Dutta) play lawyers in my film. Amitabha Nandi, portrayed by Rajatava Dutta, is one of the best criminal lawyers of Kolkata who is appointed by Neha’s father to investigate a murder mystery. But Amitabha hands over the case to his lawyer buddy Animesh, played by Koushik Ganguly, who is an accomplished film director himself. I am honoured to have Koushik-da and Roni-da in pivotal roles in my first film”.

We asked Koushik Ganguly to share his thoughts about being directed by Rudranil. “It is a very different feeling to be directed by Rudranil. I am a director’s actor in this film and only try to do what Rudranil suggests, because I know a director has something in his mind while weaving the subject on the screen.”, said Kaishik. “Today shooting of my part in this film is complete and Koushik Ganguly will again become busy wrapping up some incomplete directorial projects. I am currently making a film on the life of Subir Banerjee who played the little Apu in Satyajit Ray’s Pather Panchali. Unfortunately few people know about Subir these days. I have named my film "Apur Panchali”.

Rudranil has embarked on his directoril journey with this movie. The star cast features some of the biggest acting powerhouses, including Kaushik Ganguly, Anjan Dutta and Rajatava Dutta. Kolkata-based supermodel cum actress Tanushree - a very ‘good friend’ of Rudranil - is also acting in the film and the actor-director Rudranil himself will be seen sharing frames with her.

As the director stated, the film is basically a love story of youngsters Debanjan and Rai, but because of some twists in the long run the film will interestingly shape up also as a political thriller.

Kaushik Ganguly and Rudranil Ghosh

“I have experimented a little in the film. I think the audience loves to watch new faces in films about tragic love stories where society's non-acceptance leads to the lovers taking their own lives. So, newcomer actors are trump cards in my directorial debut”, Rudranil told WBRi.

The plot of Kolkata Bangla movie Shunno revolves around a new-age love story of Neha and Gogol, whose romantic affair starts in college. Later they become victims of political conspiracy.

‘Sunno’ is produced by Apurba Saha. Rupam Islam's theme music and Neel Dutt's composition and music direction are expected to give the film a strong score. Another thing that we will watch out for is screenplay and dialogue written by Parambrata Chatterjee who is himself an actor and a director.

In addition writing and directing Shunno, Rudranil also contributed to the screenplay and debuts as a lyricist, too, penning some lyrics of the songs along with Rupam Islam and Srijato.