Interview: JOYA AHSAN: National Award-Winning Actress ABORTO Bangla Movie, Her Background, Career and Much More

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Bangladesh Actress JOYA AHSAN (Jaya Ahasn) at Music Release of Kolkata Bengali Movie ABORTOWashington DC / Dhaka Bangladesh, March 19, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): For Jaya Ahsan, surprise on receiving an unexpected from Arindam Sil asking her if she would play the role of Charulata in his Bengali feature film Aborto quickly changed to the pleasure of working in a great project.

The eldest of two sisters and a brother, Jaya's childhood was pretty much like most girls of her age in Bangladesh - she did not foresee becoming a famous actress in those early days. Jaya eventually went on to earn a graduate degree in management. She could easily have landed a lucrative job in the corporate world, but her inner craving for creativity and the performing arts led her to an alternate career path - which is fortuitous for us Bengali film lovers. In her student days, Jaya was more interested in literature, painting and singing than math.

Jaya's acting career started when she was offered a role that required her talent as a singer. Initially apprehensive about acting, she nevertheless gave it a shot. Today Joya Ahsan is a National Award winning actress. As a matter of fact, the day this interview was recorded, Joya Ahsan received the National Award for her role of Bilkis Banu in Nasiruddin Yousuff's iconic film Guerilla on the Bangladesh liberation war.

As you know, Arindam Sil's Indian Bangla movie Aborto has shades of six famous characters from Satyajit Ray films. Jaya plays Charu (Charulata) Sen, wife of Shyamal Sen (Tota Roy Chowdhury). Charu is a conservative, lonely and melancholy woman with strong principles, but is also a strong modern woman. Her errant husband leaves little room for her to enjoy a blissful marital life. Always dignified in her actions, Charu earns moral support from the viewers of Aborto.

Jaya discloses how she and Arindam Sil prepared for the role. In addition to extensive discussions and exchange of ideas, Jaya went much beyond the Charu shown on screen to get into her character - asking Arindam to fully define Charu in terms of her family, childhood, and even how much money Charu's dad would have been making. Also it was important to give this Charu an identity distinct from Satyajit Ray's Charu.

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Jaya also stresses the advantage of having a director like Arindam Sil who is also an actor, and is appreciative of the way Arindam and she had the opportunity to discuss shots in depth resulting in quite a few scenes having elements that Jaya proposed. This is particularly important as Jaya's portrayal of Charu is mostly expression based with limited dialog.

A seeker of challenges and a pusher of her limits, Jaya relishes roles that require her to portray characters that are unlike herself in real life. A leading Television star, Jaya shares her thoughts about Television and film acting, the differences and challenges in each format. Right now, she is more inclined towards film, discloses Jaya.

Among Jaya's current projects, she is working in a commercial Bengali film to release soon. Her decision to appear in a commercial film has been questioned by her well-wishers, but Jaya explains her reasons - with a blend of serious and commercial acting she will try to bring the Bangladeshi movie audience back to theaters, as well as try to inspire other film-makers of Bangladesh to dump the "bad copy of South Indian films" image.

Arindam Sil has a distinguished career in film, theater and television acting for around 27 years. He is also an accomplished producer. With Aborto, he has arrived as a director with a bang and it is but natural that we should now look forward to more great work from the writer-director Arindam Sil in the coming days.

Bengali, 2013
Cast: Jaya Ahsan, Tota Roy Chowdhury, Reshmi Ghosh, Abir Chatterjee, Kaushik Ganguly, Saswata Chatterjee, Ritwik Chakraborty, Barun Chanda, Locket Chatterjee
Directed By: Arindam Sil
Written By: Arindam Sil
Screenplay By: Atanu Ghosh, Arindam Sil and Padmanava Das Gupta
Produced By: Globsyn Media Ventures, CineMine Entertainment, Maple Productions

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Article by Supratim Sanyal, Washington, DC.