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Archan Padakkhep Podokkhep Padokkhep Bengali Audio Songs Album

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"Padokkhep" is the first basic album of Kolkata based popular Bengali singer Archan Chakraborty, released by Dhoom Music. The genre of album is contemporary.

There are 7 songs in the album "Podokkhep". All songs are related to life. Eminent personalities from the Bengali music world like Kobi Syed Samsul Haq (Sabyasachi kobi of Bangladesh) and Anindya Bose (singer, lyricist, music director and script writer) are associated with this album. Kaushik Das, Piano teacher of Calcutta School of Music, has arranged the music of "Padokkhep".

Podokkhep (Padokkhep) Bengali Audio Songs Album by Archan Chakraborty
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The seven beautiful songs in the tracklist of Archan's Padakkhep album are:

1. Madhurima: written and composed by Archan himself. First love is very special in everybody's life. Recollection of sweet memories are reflected in the song "madhurima"

2. Ami Jonmechi Banglay: written by Sabyasachi Kobi of Bangladesh, Syed Samsul Haq. This song is based on his famous poem "amar porichoy". The history of Bengali community and its origin is reflected in 'ami jonmechi banglaye".

3. Arjun Sen: Originally written and composed by the band "jatugriho", revisited by Archan in this album, in a different music arrangement and format. Condition of Kolkata during the "emergency" period ( 1970's) where a bus driver was brutally murdered, is reflected in this song.

4. E sahar uttape: written and composed by Partha Biswas, the theme is global warming.

5. Rattir: written and composed by Anindya Bose. Global warming is taking a dangerous form all around the world, still we are not aware about its ill effects. This is the basic theme of "rattir na pohatei".

6. Swapno Ekla Ekdin: written by Jash Chakraborty, a young poet of Chicago. This is his first poem adapted into a song. Everybody is in search of something, often illusions happen but still their journey continues ...

7. Madhurima: reprise of the first song in an unplugged form.

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