Chain se sona hai toh News channels mat dekho!

Indian Media News Channels

Mumbai, March 19, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio / lha Feature) It is said ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’. Today the media has unlimited powers. Media can destroy anyone’s image and can make him popular overnight. No one can hide from media’s binoculars. Media not only keeps us updated but also sets trends. People have a lot of faith in media.

But in reality, things are different nowadays. Our politicians have not even sparred our media. There are some news channels which are politically driven. The news channels are financed and are controlled by the politicians. And that is it the reason media cannot or we can say will not say or write anything which will tamper their image in   the society. There are some examples wherein a politician charged with corruption was portrayed as a ‘saint’. This was shown just because he finances the channel.

The time now has come that there is not a single channel which is not operated by the politicians. There is politics in almost everything.

In the past, news channels broadcasted only one thing- NEWS. But now, they show everything other than the news. If you have missed an episode of your favorite daily soap serial just switch to news channel, you will find it there. If you want something entertaining, switch to a news channel, if you want to cook a recipe- switch to a news channel. When such type of shows are broadcasted on news channels there is a strip of news at the bottom of the screen who nobody watches. Is it because there is nothing interesting happening around the world or they just want their TRP’s high.

If by any chance they get a piece of news. They will show it over and over again and test your patience. A strip of 60 seconds is shown for a thousand times just because they don’t have anything other to show.  The ethical values of journalism is lost. Nowadays the news channel does not want quality viewership but they want quantitative viewership. The ethics are lost. There are almost 800 channels out of which 400 are news channel. Out of which lets say only 10 channels are watched by the audience. What about the other 390? Even if these channels are not viewed but still they are on put on air. From where does the money comes? From the viewers or from the politicians? They show almost anything but still they are surviving in this ‘costly’ world. If you want news, go in the news section of Google or read up a newspaper, but don’t watch a news channel!