Share Chuattor Ghoshpara: Preview From the Shooting Floor of the Bengali Comedy Movie

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN

Indian Kolkata Bengali Movie Actress Pamela

Kolkata, March 18, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): Despite the humidity and the heat increasing in the city, director Soumyo-Supriyo was in full swing while shooting for their film “Saare Chuattor Ghoshpara” at Kasari Bari near Hathkhola Post Office, Shovabazar.

Tollywood Actress Pulokita

The scene which was shot at Kasari Bari involved the lead characters of the film in a comic situation. The particular scene was shot on the roof of the house. The characters in this scene were Chompa boudi, Sagnik, Anindya and Koushik. Chompa Boudi who dresses up especially to impress the young boys is seen in a witty conversation with the three of them. Sagnik who becomes irritated grabs his towel and starts moving away. After going some steps he realizes that he has grabbed the bra instead of the towel. Embarrassed he keeps the bra and then takes the towel and goes away.

The story of the film Saare Chuattor Ghoshpara is based on the lives of three friends Sagnil, Anindya and Koushik. They live in a rented house. The owner of the house is Bhombol da who lives with his wife in the same house. Sagnik (Partha Sarathi) writes lyrics of songs. However he cannot sing songs due to a throat problem.

Anindya (Vivek Trivedi) wants to become a lead actor in films. But he does not get a break. Many people accept his portfolio but he never gets a call from them.

Koushik(Arnab) falls in love many times. His recent love is a boxing champion named Lisa. He goes to learn boxing so that he can meet Lisa but comes back every day after getting thrashed by his opponent in the ring.

The plot of the film revolves around their lives and also focuses on their long term ambitions. Sagnik believes he will treat his throat in London and surprise people with his voice. Koushik believes he will get the girl of his dreams while Anindya dreams of bagging a lead role in a Yash Raj Films movie.

Saare Chuattor Ghoshpara  is about whether their dreams are fulfilled and they can reach their pinnacle of success.

Vivek Trivedi who plays the role of Anindya in the film has earlier done comedy films but feels that this is different simply because it involves three men living in a rented accommodation and who are also friendly with each other. “This is something different from the other films that I have done earlier”, said the actor. Apart from this film, Ronnie and Bonnie is his other film which is next in line for release. Arnab who plays the role of Koushik in the film said “This is a different film. Comparing it with films like Teen Yaari Kotha will not be a good solution. I have watched the film and apart from the fact that both the films show friendship, the story is completely different”.

Partha Sarathi who has done several comic roles in films like Khokababu, Le Chakka plays the role of Sagnik. The actor said, “Films can be divided into good and bad films. Labeling films into categories like comedy, romantic, action is not correct.” The actor who plays the role of a song writer in the film jokingly said “I am a good bathroom singer. Then I sang at theatres and now I am singing in films”. The actor declined to reveal the name of the actress opposite him. The actress is a surprise and will only be revealed in the climax of the film. Partha feels that the character that he plays in each of his films are his dream roles. He does not have any specific dream role as such. He also mentioned films like Love u Soniye, Romance, Khoka 420 as his upcoming releases.

Director duo Soumyo-Supriyo took off time in between directing the actors and talked with our correspondent. The director revealed the fact that the film’s name may remind many Bengali audience of the cult film “Saare Chuattor” starring Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen, but this is not a remake of that film. The name of the film is such because the film shows a house which is located between two big buildings. Thus the location of the house leads to the naming of the film. The duo began working together with a documentary film had also done films like Antaratma and Ei Raat Tomar Aamar. However they the director duo felt that this film is different from all the films that they have done earlier. The film has been mainly shot in North Kolkata and some songs have been shot in North Bengal.

Indian Actor Vivek Trivedi
Vivek Trivedi

Present at the shoot was Pulokita who plays the role of Chompa Boudi, wife of Bhombol da. She described her character as a comic character who dresses up to impress the young men who have rented rooms in her house. Since her husband is too old, she tries to woothe three young men. This is a completely hilarious character and the actresssaid that she is having a great time off screen as well as on screen shooting the comic scenes.

Tollywood Hero Arnab

Pamela who plays the role of Piyu in the film whose father is a smuggler and therefore she runs away from her home and comes to live in this North Kolkata locality. Things get different when her father declares a reward to those who can give information about her.

Actor Partha Sarathi (Parthasarathi)
Actor Partha Sarathi

Saare Chuattor Ghoshpara looks promising as a comedy film. The film is already in its final stages of shooting and will release this year. The audience will have to wait and watch to determine whether it is as humorous as the makers wanted it to be.

Bengali Movie Director Soumya
Director Soumya