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By Jyoti Prakash Mandal / WBRINN

Still from Kanamachi (Bengali, 2013) Feature Film Poster Wallpaper

Kolkata, March 17, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): One of the men of the story is Abir (Ankush Hazra) - a photo-journalist working with a leading Kolkata-based Bengali newspaper.

One of the women of the story is Nayana (Srabanti). She has recently moved from Siliguri to the Kolkata office of the newspaper. Nayana is one of the mob which beats up Abir after mistaking him for a member of a gang which attempts a bank heist. Thus they start on a wrong footing, but they will eventually hear Cupid's calls.

Another woman in the story is Abir’s best friend Payel (Sayani Ghosh). She will have to sacrifice her romantic feelings for him and remain just that. Later on, she sacrifices much more than just love.

Things get dangerous when Nayana publishes an interview with a minor girl of thirteen and her mother in which a political leader of the GOP of the state in implicated in forcing the minor to marry him. The politician's goons storm the newspaper office, and conniving with a senior employee of the newspaper, get rid of the incriminating recording of the interview. Later, Abir saves the day by clicking pictures of the illegal marriage.

The other man of the story is Abhimanyu Mukherjee (Abir Chatterjee). He has the persona and track record of a principled man with a genuine desire to serve citizens. He gets beaten up by the ruling party, but with the support of the powerful newspaper, eventually becomes the Chief Minister  of the State.

A video surfaces that sends Abir and Nayana down twists and turns into the true character and life of Abhimanyu Mukherjee. Watch Kanamachi on the big screen to take the slippery and dangerous journey with the two journalists into shocking revelations.

As you know Raj Chakraborty's new Kolkata Bangla movie Kanamachi is adapted from the successful Tamil film "Ko" (2011). From realistic violence and witty humor to thrills and heart-wrenching emotional scenes, the film showcases the incredible talent of Chakraborty to attract and keep a sold-out audience glued to the silver screen for a couple of hours.

The visual appeal of some sequences like a bomb blast site or a landmine blowing up ensure great footage for trailers and word-of-mouth publicity. Strong performances by the star cast also helps the film succeed. Abir Chatterjee plays a grey character for the first time, and makes a mark doing so. Ankush as the daring photographer is promising, and we are sure he is aware of needing more than dancing skills and stunts to build a longtime career in the Indian Bangla movie industry. Srabanti re-creates the usual sweet-and-bubbly girl that she has done scores of times before. Her fans love to love her for that and they will love her again as the pretty but courageous journalist.

But the one performance that catches the eye is by Sayani Ghosh. She delivers some of the best lighter moments of the film with her remarkable melodramatic sequences.

Rajatava Dutta and Supriyo Dutta as the ruling and GOP political leader respectively have significantly contributed to the film as well.

The film could have been tighter and some unnecessary distracting songs interrupting the serious plot could have been easily discarded. Cinematography of the film is adequate, but editing needed a sharper pair of scissors - a lengthy film is against the trend.

Overall Kanamachi is one of the better made political dramas offered to Bengali viewers. Raj Chakraborty is likely to continue his exceptional ability to strike gold at the box office with his latest film.

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