Good Boy - Fight for Right (2013) Bengali Film Review

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN

A Still from Good Boy (2013) Tollywood Indian Kolkata Bangla Movie - Wallpaper (Poster)

A Still from Good Boy (2013) Tollywood Indian Kolkata Bangla Movie - Wallpaper (Poster)Kolkata, March 9, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): Good Boy is originally an Oriya film that has been dubbed and released for the Bengali audience. The film is about Raja also called Hero (Rishi) who is the lead of the story. He is convicted of murdering a woman at the tender age of just ten years.

The film begins with Hero being released from jail after serving his term. He starts to work as a driver at his elder sister Tulsi's (Ipshita) home. Nobody is aware of his background and the fact that he is Tulsi's brother, and the story moves forward.

Hero meanwhile falls in love with Rani (Priya) whose wedding is screwed up by him by mistake. In order to correct things in her life, he is asked to find a suitable groom for Rani. However after meeting some potential grooms, Rani reveals that she is in love with Raja aka Hero.

Amidst all this, Hero discovers that his brother-in-law Mihir is involved in an illicit affair with Gayatri and the duo are planning to kill his sister. Hero rescues his sister and reforms his brother-in law. His sister also comes to know of the facts behind their mother’s death and also about an illicit relationship of their father. The film comes a full circle with Hero restoring peace in the life of her sister and also settling down himself.

Director and script writer Jyoti Das has taken up a simple story and presented that in a well organized manner. The film has “drama, comedy, dance, action, romance”. In short it is entertaining and the director has maintained this throughout the course of the film.

A few portions could have been edited out - a disco song which was unnecessary and some scenes in the film come to mind. This would have reduced the length of the film and made the film more compact.

Music director Baidyanath does a good job with the songs in the film. The songs are sung by Debojit Saha, Khushbu Jain, Subroto and Sudipto are pleasing to the ears. The first song “B.A noi C.A. noi” introduces Hero. This is a hip-hop song and some steps are quite similar to that of Salman Khan’s steps in the Bodyguard title track. The next song is a romantic number “Dooba Dooba dil mora” followed by another romantic track “tomake ami eto bhalobesechi”. The fourth song in the film is “Aayna bole ami se noi re” and the last song is a party number “Dekh dekh dekh..le”.

Rishi does a good job as Hero aka Raja. He has good screen presence and is a great dancer. A little bit of training and perseverance on his part will surely help him to achieve success in his later endeavors. Priya plays the role of Rani and does not have much to do apart from looking pretty. And she does that naturally. Ipshita plays a meaty role as Raja’s elder sister Tulsi and is convincing as the ideal wife and sister. She is good in the emotional scenes.

The fight sequences choreographed by Anand and Debraj bear strong resemblances with South Indian movies and are thoroughly enjoyable, courtesy of the fit male lead.

Bapi Chatterjee’s dialogues however falter and struggle to make an impression. They sound amateurish to the ears. Some sample dialogues from the film are “amar didir tension hole, ami emotional hoye jai”, “kamon laglo amar introduction?”, “Janis ami koto bochor boyeshe murder korechi? Dosh bochor. Sei boyeshe tui dudh khetis”.