डक्टर खाते | Dr. Khatey Nepali Movie Preview

Kathmandu, March 8, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): It appears Rabi Aryal will try to highlight the plight of children and women in modern day Nepal with the film Dr. Khatey. Children who grow up in hardship, even abandoned by parents and society - boys, and even worse situation for girls, form the crux of the story.

The trailer offers a clue - perhaps one of the numerous street children of Nepal somehow fought through to success and becomes a medical doctor - Dr. Khatey - literally Dr. urchin or worse as the subtitled trailer discloses.

The film stars Roshani KC, Rabi R Aryal, Yogeshwor Shrestha and others. It is directed by Rabi.R Aryal.

Watch the Nepali Movie 'Dr. Khatey' - Trailer