Rohit Gupta's "Life! Camera Action..." - A film every filmmaker must watch released world-wide online

Director Rohit GuptaNew York, NY, March 8, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): Are you wondering how to get a head start on your dream - business of movies? Once upon a time, such a thing would have been hard to imagine. But today's digital world makes it a lot easier for entrepreneurs to use their experience, talents and resources to create their own businesses on their terms even within the rather insular world of Hollywood.

One such unique success story is of a producer, director and most commonly known as an entrepreneur, Rohit Gupta (picture at right), who has teamed up with Distrify, a UK based premier online movie distribution company to release his multi award-winning movie “Life! Camera Action…” as Video On Demand worldwide starting March 08, 2013. LCA will be available for its fans and movie aficionados to rent and watch online from anywhere in the world in their local currency equivalent to $2.99 and download-to-own for $5.99. The film will be watchable on any desktop, laptop, iPad, and Android tablets. Renters will be able to watch the movie 5 times within 30 days.

Life! Camera Action… is an inspirational and moving tale that features the struggle of parents and a daughter, Reina, who sets off to pursue a career in filmmaking against their consent. She is threatened to be disowned if she insists on her choice instead of doing what usually is the norm — become a doctor, engineer or an architect. This eloquently presented optimistic 90 minutes movie celebrates the strength of the centric character to challenge the rules and the desire to take consequences.  Entrepreneurs, filmmakers can learn from this film because of the drive, perseverance, innovation, and sense of vision that the daughter presented. It teaches viewers to have faith even when there are challenges. It’s hard to make excuses for yourself after seeing that.

Still from
Still from “Life! Camera Action…”

It has won countless festivals and prestigious honors around the world. It’s been one of the best-received and most awarded films in recent memory, (Honestly I can’t remember seeing any independent feature film by a debutante Indian filmmaker get this many international festival wins). Did it create a world record? Someone needs to check.

Another tid-bit is that the movie fans and anyone with a facebook page, twitter, blog or any website will earn 12% of its revenue from sales generated when someone shares the LCA video player online. Imagine writing a review on a movie online, and having the same video embedded at the bottom of the page for the readers to watch the entire movie instantly. All one has to do is share or embed the LCA video player on their site and earn this commission on all online sales generated when someone rents or buys the film through their embedded or shared link. It’s a simple click to share and earn process.

Talking to Gupta, one is bound to feel his firecracker of energy and powerhouse of motivation, one-man show, who has co-written, produced, directed, written lyrics, shared credits in music, edited and also marketed, branded and distributed his own work of art. That assumption cannot be far from the truth judging by the stupendous success on his both films including Another Day Another Life, a 4 minute film, also a winner of numerous international accolades along with an Official Selection at the Short Film Corner-Cannes 2009 that was shot in seven hours, edited on his laptop. Life! Camera Action… is Gupta’s feature directorial debut and the only one to date to be shot with a two-member crew. Talk about international entrepreneurial success! On talking about his next venture, he shared, "I am currently in pre-production of a stoner movie". No further details were given.

In July 2012, Boston based, idistribute Inc., initially distributed the film via facebook, marking it as the first feature film by Indian filmmaker to release via this medium. In October 2012, Gupta teamed up with New Jersey based leading asian film distribution company, VIVA Entertainment, for straight to DVD release for the US and Canada territories. He says, "As much as I would have loved to bring this film in theaters for everyone to experience it, the cost and time involved dealing with clueless authorities that too for a very limited theatrical run was not worth it. I will make and distribute three movies in that cost and time (laughs)." On Nov 29th 2012, film received another retail DVD distribution platform via Florida based Dynasty Records through Trans World Entertainment Corporation's national mall-based store under the brand name F.Y.E., (For Your Entertainment); Suncoast and

Readers can find more information on how to become an affiliate, by clicking the share button on the LCA video player above or Distrify moviepage.