Interview: Up Close with Bangladeshi American Actress ISMAT ALAMGIR of SIMANAHEEN (2013) Bangla Movie

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Bengali Actress Ismat Alamgir Bangladesh Wallpaper PosterWashington DC / Chicago, March 3, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): The dazzlingly beautiful lead actress of Bangla movie Simanaheen was born in Dhaka Bangladesh where she spent her early childhood before migrating with her family to the United States. Ismat Alamgir grew up in a culturally rich environment that most Bengali families naturally provide, developing a deep love for the performing arts and music.

Ismat is a trained danseuse in Indian Classical dance forms and has been participating regularly in cultural shows, stage drama productions and events around her residence in the greater Chicago metropolitan area. Always having a fascination for film, Ismat is very excited to have had the opportunity to debut as an actress in Simanaheen. She couldn't wait for the film to be released, which it did in Bangladesh a few days ago to great audience response. This is just the beginning - Simanaheen is on track to take the world by storm with openings planned in numerous countries.

Ismat plays two roles in Simanaheen. The first, set ain 1947, is of Suraiya - a Muslim girl who falls in love with Amarnath Sengupta or Amar who is Hindu. In her second avatar in Simanaheen, Ismat plays Kavita who is an American Hindu who falls in love with a Muslim guy named Raiyan Khaled in the present day. The handsome actor Rahsaan Islam (interview) plays Amar as well as Raiyan in the film.

The film portrays two lovers from different religious backgrounds in two ages. "You get to see how that would play out in 1947 as to now", says Ismat. One would think in today's world religious affiliation would not be an issue any more, but you would be surprised how much of the human-created divisions still persist. Her character is of a typical south Asian girl from a conservative family who is down to earth, gentle and respectful of her parents' wishes. Part of the film is about her having to overcome social and religious obstacles that she faces to be with her lover.

Bengali American Actress Ismat Alamgir in Hot Bangladeshi Movie Simanaheen Bangladesh Wallpaper Poster"I can relate to my role because I am all about love," chips in Ismat with a smile.

Being a first-time actress was very exciting for Ismat, and she has great praise for the directors Kevin Dalvi (interview) and Ria Mahtab (interview) and her co-actor Rahsaan Islam (interview). "They were so amazing and I was so fortunate to work with these creative people in the film's unit. They were so welcoming and I learned such a lot from them. They put me at ease and really helped and guided me", says Ismat. "We were getting along so well and were having so much fun that we were like a family".

Ismat's parents are, of course, very proud of their daughter's achievements with Simanaheen. They have watched how hard she has worked for the film and are very excited as well.

Having a great interest for film, Ismat would love to pursue acting and hopes for more opportunities on the silver screen going forward. For the time being, she is still in school (and actually on her way to clinicals when this interview was recorded), but looks forward to acting as well.

We all look forward to watching Ismat Alamgir again and again in the coming years.


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Drawing inspiration from the romantic classics of yesteryear, Simanaheen is the tale of an eternal search for love told through two relationships in two different eras.

Hindu-Muslim relationships don't only experience difficulty during times of partition and terrorism. They exist even today, all around us.

Such is the experience of Raiyan and Kavita. Though they live today, Raiyan and Kavita find the same societal pressures around them.

Simanaheen is the story of this modern love, the modern barriers to it, and how little has changed since the time of Amar and Suraiya, Simanaheen's pre-partition lovers. It is the story of how we face society and the often-difficult path that stands between us and our love.

Release Date Feb 14 2013
Genre Romance/Drama
Studio NEQUA Studios
Star Cast Rahsaan Islam, Ismat Alamgir
Directed By Kevin Dalvi, Ria Mahtab
Produced By Sunny Verma

Guest: Ismat Alamgir, Chicago, Il
Host: Gurjeet Singh, Washington, DC
Recording, Editing, Article: Supratim Sanyal, Washington, DC