Interview: Actor Rahsaan Islam on Bangla movie Simanaheen, his Background and the Future - Hosted by Gurjeet Singh

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Rahsaan Islam on cover of Man's WorldMumbai / Washington DC, March 3, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): We caught up with Rahsaan Islam (on Men's World Magazine cover at right) in Mumbai, and Gurjeet Singh of WBRi chatted with him in this informal and candid audio interview about his background, Bangla movie Simanaheen and what we might be getting from Rahsaan going forward.

The handsome young actor Rahsaan Islam, hero of the Bengali film Simanaheen produced in the United States, was born and brought up in Chicago.

Born to parents who migrated from Bangladesh, Rahsaan grew up in a very "wordly" cultural environment, including of course Bengali culture. He has been performing in stage shows and cultural programs in the Chicago area. Also very interested in making films, he once made a short film on his family and friends that they all truly enjoyed. An enthusiastic creative writer and actor, Rahsaan is also known for his excellence as a basketball player in school, high school and college.

Simanaheen in Rahsaan's first full-length international feature film. He has previously worked with Kevin Dalvi (a co-director of Simanaheen) on the sets of Dalvi's "Promise Land" which is expected to open shortly in late May as well.

Rahsaan plays two roles in Simanaheen. The first, set in 1947, is of Amarnath Sengupta aka Amar who falls in love with Suraiya (Ismat Alamgir). He also plays Raiyan Khaled in the modern day who falls in love with Kavita (also Ismat Alamgir). Amar is a brash arrogant young man who pretty much does as he pleases. Raiyan is a much more reserved, quiet and softer character. Rahsaan says he himself is not like either of the two characters he plays, and is probably somewhere in the middle with traits of both Amar and Raiyan.

Rahsaan likes to read, and keep his mind active thinking about different ideas. He studied economics and international relations, but has now concetrated full time on his acting and film-making career.

Rahsaan divulges that he has signed a contract in Mumbai and will be seen in an Indian Bollywood film this year, but details are all hush-hush as of now. Here is wishing Rahsaan Islam all the best for a spectacular career that we will all follow with excitement!


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Drawing inspiration from the romantic classics of yesteryear, Simanaheen is the tale of an eternal search for love told through two relationships in two different eras.

Hindu-Muslim relationships don't only experience difficulty during times of partition and terrorism. They exist even today, all around us.

Such is the experience of Raiyan and Kavita. Though they live today, Raiyan and Kavita find the same societal pressures around them.

Simanaheen is the story of this modern love, the modern barriers to it, and how little has changed since the time of Amar and Suraiya, Simanaheen's pre-partition lovers. It is the story of how we face society and the often-difficult path that stands between us and our love.

Release Date Feb 14 2013
Genre Romance/Drama
Studio NEQUA Studios
Star Cast Rahsaan Islam, Ismat Alamgir
Directed By Kevin Dalvi, Ria Mahtab
Produced By Sunny Verma

Guest: Rahsaan Islam of Chicago, Il speaking from from Mumbai, India
Host: Gurjeet Singh, Washington, DC
Recording, Editing, Article: Supratim Sanyal, Washington, DC