Simanaheen (2013) Top New Bengali Film Release Over the Weekend

Rahsaan Islam and Ismat Alamgir in Simanaheen
Rahsaan and Ismat in Simanaheen

New York, NY, March 4, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): Simanaheen, the eagerly awaited Bengali film produced by US based production company NEQUA Studios, has been a big hit internationally since it's opening on Valentine's day, and is the top new Bengali release of the past weekend.

According to feedback received, the audiences have really appreciated the performances by actor Rahsaan Islam and actress Ismat Alamgir, the film’s music, and the message of the story. The film is releasing in five countries this year, making it the biggest Bengali film release by that measure.

Simanaheen ( is directed by Kevin Dalvi and Ria Mahtab and the music is composed by Rusho Mahtab. Also, featuring on the soundtrack are Bengali film songs by Runa Laila, Tushar Ahmed, and Shudeepta Rahman.

Drawing inspiration from the romantic classics of yesteryear, Simanaheen is the tale of an eternal search for love told through two relationships in two different eras. As such, Simanaheen offers to bridge the gaps between cultures and generations.

About NEQUA Studios NEQUA Studios is an international film production house that produces Hindi, English, and Bengali Language films and is dedicated to bringing new exciting cinema to a global audience.

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