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Bloody Ishq (2013) Hindi Film Poster Wallpaper

Kolkata, March 3, 2013 (Wasington Bangla Radio): Bloody Ishq revolves around the life of Nirvaan Shroff (Akash Singh) who is a singer by profession. He is immensely popular among the people and has a lot of female fan following. In the course of the film, he saves the life of a rich young girl Natasha (Tripta Parashar). This makes Natasha fall in love with Nirvaan. However Nirvaan is seen negating the advances made by Natasha. This further increases the appeal of Nirvaan in Natasha’s eyes. Later it is revealed that this is a game Nirvaan is playing to trap Natasha in the love game. However there is more to this story than what is been told here.

Bloody Ishq (2013) Hindi Film Poster Wallpaper

In a background tale it is revealed that Nirvaan is married secretly to a girl named Raadhika (Shilpa Anand). However they cannot have any conjugal relation between them as Raadhika has a hole in her heart and this prevents them from having sex. In one scene in the movie, when Nirvaan and Raadhika try to have sex, she gets too excited and ends up in the hospital bed. It is then that Nirvaan promises to Raadhika to have her a heart transplantation. The film with the love triangle and the sudden twist of organ trafficking is very confusing in its premise. Too much twists in the tale though tends audience to lose their way.

Bloody Ishq (2013) Hindi Film Poster Wallpaper

The script is weak and the script writer, Aroti Bhattacharya has only paid great attention in adding the thrill element in this film. She could have paid more attention in making the climax better and adding plot constructing elements to make the film more grasping.

The songs in the film are passable and nothing outstanding as eminent singers like Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal, Javed Ali, June Banerjee, Sunidhi Chauhan and KK have lent voices for the songs of this film.

Performance wise Akash Singh as Nirvaan is good as the popular singer. But he  occasionally falters in the emotional scenes. Tripta Parashar as Natasha does nothing more than showcasing herself as a spoilt daughter of a rich man and flaunts body baring clothes. The biggest shock comes in the form of Shilpa Anand who is portraying the role of Raadhika in the film. The actress who had earlier done many television serials like Dil Maange More does not do justice to her role. She is a huge disappointment. The audiences who have seen her perform better in her television serials will be highly unsatisfied with her portrayal of the role of Raadhika.

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Bloody Isshq has all the essential ingredients to present a good film. But the end product is not as many of us would like it to be.

Bloody Isshq (Hindi, 2013)
Genre: Romantic Suspense Drama
Studio: Ashavari Media Pvt Ltd
Starring: Akash, Tripta Parashar and Shilpa Anand along with Mukesh Tiwari, Simran, Karan Mehra, Kuldeep Mallik, Vikhram Sahu, Manoj Tiger, Shubham
Directed By: Arup Dutta
Written By: Arati Bhattacharya
Screenplay By: Arati Bhattacharya
Produced By: Ashavari Media

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