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Final Mission (2013) Bengali Film Wallpaper (poster)

Kolkata, March 2, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): The story of Indian Bangla movie “Final Mission” revolves around an honest businessman Jayabrata Chakraborty (Rajat Ganguly) who is murdered as an outcome of a conspiracy hatched by three criminals Ranabir Hazra (Shyamal Dutta), Binod Pandey (Shankar Chakraborty) and Manmohan Sawant (Raja Chatterjee).

Jayabrata was actually an intimate friend of Ranabir Hazra and had helped Ranabir and his family during their financial crisis. Apart from their friendship, Jayabrata’s wife shared a great camaraderie with Ranabir’s wife Jui (Santana Basu).

Final Mission (2013) Bengali Film Wallpaper (poster)

The vicious mentality of Ranabir which is instigated by Binod Pandey and Manmohan Sawant creates a rift between the two families. When Jayabrata finds out that his business is used as a ploy for furthering the businesses of Manmohan and Binod, he threatens them. Jayabrata gets killed and his wife loses her mind due in shock.

The focal theme of the story is around retaliation by Jui for injustice done to her friend’s family by her own husband and their wicked friends. In order to avenge injustice, she deploys her own son Rana (Firdous Ahmed) in this battle.

On the way a love story also develops between Rana and Somana Pandey (Rimjhim Mitra), daughter of Binod Pandey. What happens to Rana’s mission and his love forms the rest of the film.

Ferdaus Rehman - Rimjhim Mitra in Final Mission (2013) Bengali Film Wallpaper (poster)
Firdaus and Rimjhim

The treatment of the story of the Kolkata Bangla movie by debutant director and FTII Pune graduate Sudipto Sengupta is nothing praiseworthy. Though the story has a great premise, the way it has been presented is very haphazard and confuses the audience. Too many jumps between the past and the present also contributes to the problem of processing the matter presented on screen.

Dialogues by Amit Sarkar and Sudeshna Chakraborty are ridiculous. They are not smart, just cheesy. “Rastai beriyechis ki gyan dite”, “Purono bondhur jibon equal to jomi?”, “amader ektai mission: shotru nidhon”, “shatranj ke game pe chal dite bhi hobe, nite bhi hobe” are some examples of statements presented to the audience as dialogues.

The songs on the other hand are a welcome relief as they are far more pleasing to the ears than the dialogues. The first song in the film “andho samaje tufan ante” aptly highlights the mood of the film. The romantic songs in the film include “ure ure bohudure”, “tomay dekhe mone elo” and “sudhu tumi ei sandhyay”. “Rappa rappa sara rappa” is a party song and is quite rhythmic. “Chai hoe ure gelo” bears the sad tone of the plight of Jayabrata’s family while the last song “ma aar santan” speaks about maternal love. The songs have been well sung by Abhijit, Reema, Mahalakshmi Iyer, Ravi Chaudhury, Javed Ali and Sai Sandeep.

In the acting department, Firdous as Rana tries his best to breathe life into the character. He succeeds to a certain level too. Firdous looks good as the lover romancing Rimjhim but in the emotional sequences the bags under his eyes become prominent and make him look his age. Rimjhim as Somana does not have much to do in the film apart from romancing with Firdous’s character Rana and look pretty, which she succeeds in. Shyamal Dutta, Raja Chatterjee and Shankar Chakraborty as the three criminals do justice to their roles even with the weak script. Santana Basu is good as Jui but she tends to overact in some portions.

The fight sequences in the film are hilarious. Sound effects like “dhishum dhishum” will take you back to the 70’s era. The presentation of the fight sequences is not up to the mark and this decreases the charm of the film.

The background score is too loud and painful for the ears. It is so loud at times that one cannot even hear the dialogues properly.

On the whole Final Mission, despite having a great plot, fails to impress the audience due to poor execution. This was aptly proven by the reactions of the audience as they let out a sigh of relief when the movie ended.

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Final Mission (Bengali, 2013)
Release Date    1st March, 2013
Studio    Calcutta Talkies
Starring    Ferdaus,Rimjhim Mitra,Shankar Chokrabarty,Raja Chatterjee,Shyamal Dutta,Santana basu,Irani Mukharjee,Rajat Ganguly,Bhola Tamang
Directed By    Sudipto Sengupta
Written By    Sudipto Sengupta
Screenplay By    Sudipto Sengupta
Produced By    Calcutta Talkies

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