Fashion Designer Renuka Malhi Participates in SAPNA South Asian Princess North America 2013 Pageant and Fashion Show

Renuka Malhi

Washington, DC, March 1, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): Renuka Malhi is from New York. Born in the North Indian city of Ludhiana, she holds Masters Degrees in Literature and in Fashion, and a handful of diplomas in Interior Design and IT.

Renuka is a Fashion Designer by profession and is very passionate about her field. She is excited on her forthcoming participation in the 2013 SAPNA (South Asian Princess North America) pageant and fashion show: "It's a dream project to me and my aim is to bring the best out of me in every piece that I create so I can deliver nothing less than the best."

Other than fashion designing, Renuka is an acclaimed and enthusiastic poet, artist and Interior Designer.

She discovered the meaning of the word AMBITION at the age of 8 when she realized that, in her words, "I am born for a reason to do something remarkable in life. Slowly I started to invent the qualities inside me and started my journey on stage by participating and winning several Painting competitions, Folk Dance programs, Won many awards as an ALTHLETE and then moved on to Fashion Shows and Choreographies. My academic life has been very interesting and went through many different recognizable stages."

In addition to the awards mentioned above, Renuka also won two Pageants during her college life which gave a big boost to her confidence. She is known for her Leadership qualities, optimism and strong confident personality which is the key to her achievements.

She is also known for her pleasant accommodating nature and a strong Fashion sense which sets examples.

Along with a very interesting career, Renuka is also an affectionate daughter, a loving sister, a  caring wife, a compassionate friend and a very adoring mother.

"I love LIFE and believe in the motto 'Live and let live'. There is nothing bigger than Honesty and nothing more beautiful than SIMPLICITY and I follow these two qualities at every step of my life. I love my family and work hard to live a happy and more important a healthy life. I am a very creative person who can make a good piece out of trash and believes in developing MASTERPIECES", says Renuka.

As the biggest example, she cites her work in IT out of no choice when she first came to US and it was a successful career, but she was always meant to work in her favorite field of Fashion. So in 2008 she took the strong decision of living her dream career and signed up with two different Design and Fashion business schools to achieve education which she thinks was the best decision of her life.

"I breathe in Fashion and I feel that when you passion becomes your profession, the fruit is AWESOME. I enjoy my field and remind myself my favorite quote every time I take a lil pause which is:


I am a dreamer but I dream with open eyes and work hard to develop every dream into reality. I wish to bring pride to my family so that not only my parents and my family is proud of me but also the generations to come."

Renuka Malhi is participating in SAPNA contest to reinvent herself, hopeful and confident that her journey in Fashion in combination with Stage achievements will be as ideal as a Perfect Marriage.

Renuka Malhi

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