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Anushree GuptaWashington DC, March 27, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Born and raised in Kolkata, Anushree Gupta grew up in a joint family amidst lots of love, lots of music and lots of poetry. Her dad was an expert Table player (though he chose to not play professionally) and her mother is a talented singer. Her grandfather has been a major inspiration for Anushree - he used to write beautiful devotional songs that she would sing with him. They spent magical moments together with music.

Anushree's grand-mother is now her peace-nook, and her elder brother who is simply her world.

Other than Anushree, her uncle is the only person who took up music professionally. He has always been there by her and the best part is he always showed faith on her music, her compositions, her lyrics and her musical influences.

It is therefore natural that Anushree should become a musician herself. Day and night there has been music in the air around her, and slowly it grew on her and ever since she was five years old, she has been learning music. She does not clearly remember when it all started - it may be she started singing in  her mother’s womb!

Coming to formal training in singing, Anushree started her lessons with Smt. Bina Chowdhury who treated her as a daughter. She remembers sitting on her lap when five and since she was too little to reach the bellow of the harmonium, Smt. Chowdhury would to do it for her while Anushree would happily sit on her lap and enjoy music.

Smt. Chowdhury was a brilliant teacher, always loving Anushree's texture which she found ‘unique’, always telling her texture and approach to music is very different and that she stuck to it, she would make it big one day. Anushree always remembers her words with fondness and draws inspiration from them.

Anushree Gupta

Anushree suspects she used to ask too many questions about every song. Actually for her music is as important as lyrics and she used to make her teacher crazy asking what a song means, so on and so forth. But she is not certain that is a disadvantage, though! She believes what her teacher liked about her is that she could always catch the pulse of the song and emote appropriately. Anushree always involves herself completely with the content of a song, which can only be an advantage.

Still very young and just having started with loads to do, Anushree is still overwhelmed by the appreciation that she is  receiving for her compositions and lyrics is, "simply unbelievable" says she. She credits her listener-friends - "all because of them". She just wants them to keep loving her this way and more. No one foresaw this, she did her masters in journalism from St. Xavier’s Mumbai after topping her class in college (Loreto College, Kolkata) - who knew she would go for music after all this. "Probably It is something only I knew, no one else."

Talking about the feelings and thoughts she wants to convey through her music, Anushree says it is a beautiful world but the people are not living up to it. Her songs are simple, her lyrics and music are meant to touch hearts and strike a chord. She celebrates the power of simple and good music - and through it intense living, upholding life and its surprises. Anushree does not necessarily intend to convey any messages through her songs - all she wants to do is witness her life and its story blending with others.

Once she was performing in Delhi and was wearing boots with quite tall heels. Suddenly she could feel those heels slipping inside dents on the wooden stage. I was freaking out in my head but kept singing with a smile as if everything was just fine - they had a laugh riot about it after the gig ended. "Lot of stuff happens during performance. When you remember them, you smile!".

Anushree believes music needs to emote and touch listeners. It should break all barriers and inspire people. When she writes and composes her songs, she just remains honest with her expressions and when she sings them she sings with equal honesty and involvement. That, singer-songwriter Anushree Gupta guesses,  is the key!

Anushree Gupta can be reached at anushreegupta553 [at] gmail [dot] com.