SEEKING JUSTICE - Movie! A review by Nilanjan Nandy

seekingjusticeposter3   In the Thriller set in New Orleans"Seeking Justice" the pace maintains a tad rhythm but the film itself looks tired and boring. It lacks the edge these kind of thrillers should possess.

Nicholas Cage plays Will Gerard, a school-teacher whose intellect is more told -- via stale nods to Shakespeare and chess ; than demonstrated by anything he does in the film. When his wife Laura (January Jones) is raped, in the waiting area of the hospital Laura i admitted a mystery man appears, he is Simon (Guy Pearce), who offers Will a mysterious shot at extra-judicial justice: Representing a shadowy "group that" - dramatic pause - "deals with people," he says he'll have the rapist killed if Will promises to do some undetermined, probably minor favor in the future. After a bit of hesitation Will Agrees...

seekingjusticestill That rapist  gets killed after a few hours...

And now - obviously, Will is going to have to do something criminal, something that is seldom practiced in a society. What's not obvious as the plot progresses is what Pearce's "Mephistopheles" character has to gain here: Yes, his group is forcing innocent people to do their dirty work, but the innocents are so inept and require such labor-intensive, attention-drawing manipulation that the conspirators would be better off doing things themselves. In Will's case, the assigned felony practically takes care of itself, and still the loose ends are plentiful enough to draw full attention from both law enforcement and the media, sending Cage's character on a detective mission to clear his good name.

When the cloak-and-dagger affectations in Robert Tannen's script aren't distractingly dumb -- buy two candy bars to signal your acceptance of our Faustian pact -- they have the flavor of tinfoil-hat fantasies that could only be enjoyable in a film that connects dots with some panache or cleverness. Seeking Justice has neither, and the movie's attempts to pretend it takes a rape victim's psychological trauma seriously only muddy the mood further.

justicemovieposter3d6aeDirector Roger Donaldson tried to present a thriller which looked good till the first 20 minutes, but fell flat on it's face as the movie moved ahead.
Music by J. Peter Robinson and Editing by Jay Cassidy is just average, nothing sparkling or intelligent here!
Even in this film, where Camera could have played with the light and all those impossible angles to give the film a distinct flavor, the Director of photography, David Tattersall simply did not impress!
All I can say is this, that no matter how many times the characters in this film utters the stupid line "The hungry rabbit jumps", The Rabbit is actually DEAD or plain DUMB here, it does not jump!