Mumbai, March 23, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio / Keksi gets the news on the failure of mission undertaken by her son Ravan. She is enraged and with the help of her supernatural powers, visualises from which person and which region her son Ravan will have danger in future. Keksi’s powers are hinting towards AnjanPradesh. So with an intention to create havoc in AnjanPradesh, she uses her life taking powers Pranghatini (life taking) through a cursed female demon named Marjarika. With the effect of Keksi’s powers, Anjana and Kesari, along with many other people become unconscious one by one and starts falling on the ground. No one understands what is happening as the royal doctor is summoned. But none of his medicines or experience works. This incidence creates a havoc and uproar in AnjanPradesh.

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A distressed Maruti runs to Sage Matang who with his powers sees that a very powerful life taking power has struck on AnjanPradesh. Immediately, with his powers, Sage Matang creates a secured circle for a fix time around the unconscious people lying down. He expresses his inability to do any further to cast off this spell. Maruti immediately sets up a dialogue with Lord Ram who tells him that this incidence has some connection with his future planning and so he must meet Vrihaspati and his son Kach. As ordered by Lord Ram, Maruti meets Vrihaspati who informs him that the answer to the power of Pranghatini (life taking) is seven Sanjeevani (life saving) shrubs which were with him once but now have vanished. The second answer is Sanjeevani Vidya (art) which is with Sage Shukracharya. His son Kach has gone to him to learn this art but has not returned till the date.

Seeking help from Sage Naarad, Maruti immediately starts his search for Kach all along the KachPradesh. Meanwhile Keksi gets Kach kidnapped and sends him to Patal lok.

Will Lord Bajrangbali be able to find Kach to know about Sanjeevani Vidya and save lives of his people in AnjanPradesh?