Movers and Shakers: Bollywood Actress Nupur Mehta on Cricket Match Fixing Allegations - "poor, innocent Indian girl"

Mumbai, March 22, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio / Upcoming Bollywood actress Nupur Mehta was seen in Hindi movie Jo Bole So Nihaal and TV advertisements for Fanta and Pirelli, and has been on the Fiat calender. She was on the cover of Sportswear International’s June 2001 issue and one of India’s first Mills & Boons versions written by Astha Atray "His Monsoon Bride" last year after winning a model hunt contest.

Nupur Mehta was amidst a storm of controversies after the reports of her being involved in match fixing for the Indo-Pak match in World Cup 2011 surfaced. She will be seen as the next guest on Movers & Shakers. After the cricketing controversy it’s her first televised appearance wherein she sets the record straight and clarifies all allegations made against her on Movers & Shakers on SAB TV.

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Talking about the controversy, Nupur said, “I am a free, young girl from independent nation and I have been facing allegations that I have fixed the Indo-Pak semifinal which took place during World Cup 2011.”

She added that, “If I am so powerful that I can fix matches and so many Pakistani players listen to me then I should go and stand in the elections in Pakistan and hopefully even win elections due to my popularity. Actually, I am a poor, innocent Indian girl and they are blaming me for nothing at all.”

Nupur Mehta is a huge cricket fan and it is evident from her knowledge that there are 16 cricket playing countries in the world. Despite being an upcoming Bollywood actress it was clear that her love for cricket was stronger than that of Bollywood. An ardent cricket fan, she chose Sachin and Virat over Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan as their favorites.

Shekhar Suman asked Nupur, “Would you personally like to thank Virat Kohli for his innings?” Nupur was more than glad to do that but on the condition of Shekhar “fixing” the date.

On this Shekhar said, “I am not involving myself in any ‘fixing’ and I would like to stay away from it.”

The other guest on the show was the talented and multifaceted singer, music director Raghav Sachar.He performed on the show, was bowled over by Shekhar’s googlies and Nupur’s beauty, he played various instruments like flute, saxophone and mouthorgan and ended with a few songs which included “Mere Sapno Ki Rani Kab Aayegi Tu” and “Kaise Paheli hain Zindagani”.

Catch Nupur Mehta & Raghav Sachar on Movers & Shakers on 22rd March at 10:30 on SAB TV