Mediker reaches Muzaffarpur on its Smart Kalakaar Ki Khoj - Anshika Kumari from Adarsh Vidya Mandir becomes AIR Radio Rockstar

Muzaffarpur, March 17, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio / Anshika Kumari from Adarsh Vidya Mandir, Muzaffarpur becomes the Radio Rockstar by participating in the Mediker- Smart Kalakar Ki Khoj, which is an exciting platform offered by Mediker to kids who are smart and think differently. The only girl from Muzaffarpur to become an anchor in a new program Mediker- Pyaar Se Suljaye on All India Radio, Anshika Kumari has become a Radio Rockstar thanks to Mediker Anti-Lice Treatment, the kids’ favorite anti- lice brand.

The Mediker Smart Kalakaar Ki Khoj contest presents an opportunity to the kids across Bihar, uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. On entering the contest, kids get a chance to either become Radio Rockstars, where every week the smartest kid becomes an RJ and hosts the newly launched “Mediker Pyaar Se Suljhaye” programme on All India Radio or they can become Kartoon Queens, where every month two best stories get converted into a comic strip in Diamond Comics with a picture of the kid and the mother.

Anshika Kumari from Adarsh Vidya Mandir, Muzaffarpur has become a Radio Rockstar which has motivated her to continue to think differently. Anshika is very inclined towards acting and wants to pursue it as a career. She loves to dance and act and takes part in a lot of her school activities. Mediker has given her a much needed opportunity to showcase her talent and increase her confidence. Anshika has become a much known personality in Muzaffarpur by winning this contest and has proved her talent.

Talking on this victory, Anshika Kumari from Class 5, Adarsh Vidya Mandir, Muzaffarpur says, “I have always been interested in dancing and acting. When I heard about the opportunity to be an RJ on Mediker’s programme on All India Radio, I was very excited and entered the contest immediately. I am very proud to be the girl representing Muzaffarpur and winning the contest. It was lots of fun to be on the Mediker “Pyaar Se Suljhaye” radio programme, and it has really helped me boost my confidence to pursue my interests.”

Mediker has taken this initiative to address moms’ concerns of their kids not being left behind, and giving them a platform to showcase their smartness. This initiative by Mediker is extremely valuable for reaching out to smart kids and encouraging them.

Ms. Pinky Pegu, Regional Programme Manager,SHARP, said on this occasion that “It was great to see large number of students participating for Mediker Smart Kalakar Ki Khoj contest with great enthusiasm and excitement. Since, SHARP working with school children’s in Bihar for their health as well as for their academic development, SHARP believes that this program will not only help the child to build up their confidence but will also help them in their academic growth.”

Mrs. Savita Devi, Anshika’s mother says, “I am very excited to see Anshika become a Radio Rockstar. I eagerly look forward to listen to her on the “Pyaar Se Suljhaye” programme. As a Mom, my daughter is amongst the most important parts of my world. I keep thinking about her competitive environment where she needs to do well, and grow in confidence. At times, I am concerned whether she would keep pace and not get left behind. I am grateful to Mediker for providing one such great opportunity to her.”

If you don’t want your kid to be left behind, encourage them to be a part of Mediker Smart Kalakar Ki Khoj contest, and be recognized for their smartness and ability to think differently. If your kid wants to become a Radio Rockstar, they can listen to the new “Mediker Pyaar Se Suljhaye” programme on All India Radio and call the toll-free number, 1800 1800 8888 before 30th March 2012 and register their entry by narrating a smart story on “how smart kids think differently”. The programme is broadcast on the Patna station of All India Radio at 2 pm every Monday and Tuesday.

If your kid wants to become a Kartoon Queen, she is to write a story in 100 words on “how smart kids think differently” and send it to PO box No. 16578, Worli, Mumbai or email to by 30th April 2012. The story could be converted as a Cartoon strip on Diamond Comics.