Look out for the "BOOGEYMAN" - a Movie Review by Nilanjan Nandy


I love horror movies, and to tell you the truth, "Boogeyman" scared me without a doubt! Made quite a few years ago, this movie has 2 sequels but this one is the best of the lot, I watched a re-release and enjoyed it throughly. Directed by Stephen Kay "Boogeyman" has it's moments! Produced by the "Evil Dead" producer Sam Raimi. this movie has some pretty scary yet thought-provoking music by Joseph Do Luca.

Boogeyman Triple Feature DVD Release

Cinematography are shared by Bobby Bukowski, Aaron Morton and John Cavill with snappy Editing by John Axelrad.

There are a lot of close-ups of doorknobs and water faucets in Stephen Kay's "Boogeyman."

Trailer: Boogeyman (English, 2005)

Tim (Barry Watson), a low-level magazine editor who has been afraid of closets since he was a boy of only 8. That was when his father came into the bedroom to reassure him that there was no such thing as the boogeyman only to be sucked into the closet by something scary and he never to be seen again.

The Titles begin, with wonderful Piano based Eerie music and the movie resumes after many years...Tim is now a young man...Over the Thanksgiving weekend, Tim learns that his estranged mother (Lucy Lawless, seen mostly in flashbacks and hallucinations) has died. He returns to his hometown for the funeral and takes his old psychiatrist's advice: he stays in his childhood home overnight to prove to himself that no monsters are after him. "There's nothing in there but memories," the doctor (Robyn Malcolm) says.

Well, she's wrong. The boogeyman is literally after Tim and, apparently, everyone Tim cares about.

The filmmakers are quite smart enough to keep the monster out of sight for a long time and then to show only glimpses, but a similar tactic of providing only glimpses of plot and character is disastrous. Moviegoers never learn who or what the boogeyman is, what his particular beef with Tim is, what his powers are and what has stirred up his wrath after all these years.

Tim encounters a sweet but unsmiling child named Franny (Skye McCole Bartusiak), who can't really be there because she vanished as a little girl in 1985 (Franny spooked me out!!!). All we ever learn about her is that her father once tried to face down the boogeyman. And what did Tim talk to the psychiatrist about for all those years?

Tim sometimes walks into his bedroom closet and suddenly finds himself in the motel where he and his blonde girlfriend, Jessica (Tory Mussett), were preparing for an evening of romance. Just as suddenly he finds himself back in the house, where a sexy brunet childhood friend, Kate (Emily Deschanel, sister of Zooey), has brought over some food. Kate is getting a little scared being in that abandoned, isolated two-story place by herself. The house is very creaky, but then so is the movie.

Boogeyman is rated and Parents should be strongly cautioned, as it includes vague sexual references, partial nudity, some creepy shadows, a scary nail gun and sudden movements galore that might frighten small children in a bad way!


The ending portion is interesting though and it is as follows:

After Tim's uncle Mike vanishes as he comes to check in on him, Tim proceeds to board up all of the doors in the house except his bedroom closet where he bolts a chair to the floor facing the closet in an attempt to lure the Boogeyman out. Franny joins Tim who tells him to enter the closet. When Tim does, he reappears at the hotel revealing that closets and beds are portals in time and space. There he watches the Boogeyman kill Jessica in the bathtub. Tim is knocked back against the wall and busts the back of his head open. He leaves the hotel through the same closet as before after touching the tub with his bloody hand revealing the blood he and Kate saw earlier was his own. The closet returns him to his house once again where Mike begins firing a nail gun past Tim at the Boogeyman. Mike is attacked and killed by the Boogeyman who wraps him in plastic sheeting and drags him into a closet. Tim follows where he reunites with Kate at her house and saves her from an attack seconds after her phone call to Mike from earlier. The Boogeyman attempts to drag Kate under her bed and Tim holds on to her which deposits them back in Tim's old room. The monster emerges from the closet and turns into various toys Tim was afraid of as a child. He first appears as a murder of crows which Tim smashes the toy equivalent with a baseball bat sending the monster back to the closet. The Boogeyman resurfaces as a electrical vortex trying to draw Tim into the closet once more, but Tim smashes the ball of electricity in a glass case the monster was mimicking. Tim destroys a hooded shirt that scared him as a child further damaging the monster. The monster appears again as a humanoid figurine which stood on Tim's bedside table and frightened him as a child. The Boogeyman attempts to drag Tim back into a closet to kill him, but realizing that the monster is only posing as the figurine, Tim picks it up and slams the toy against a dresser, smashing the torso to pieces, causing the Boogeyman to suffer the same injury knocking the Boogeyman back toward the closet. The Boogeyman resurfaces however causes a vortex of winds, clawing at Tim's legs, but Tim and Kate cling onto grounded objects in the room and Tim kicks the Boogeyman in the jaw, causing him to fall back into the closet and into an ethereal pit.

With the Boogeyman gone, Tim hopes that his and Kate's lives will be safer. Morning dawns and Tim already feels better and the credits roll. However, a post-credits scene reveals a young girl being tormented by the monster, revealing that the Boogeyman has resurfaced out of the closet.

All scare lovers: Better get the 'uncut' version or American Version of the DVD! I'm sure it's mostly without cuts and has all the scenes which are meant to 'scare'!!!  

Happy Viewing, though!