Malkit Singh & Ravi Bal release 4th Studio Album "MIDAS TOUCH 3"

Malkit Singh - Ravi Bal - Midas Touch 3

London, UK, March 24, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Malkit Singh and Ravi Bal the golden duo collaborate again for their 4th Studio Album together "MIDAS TOUCH 3" on Moviebox UK.

This deadly duo created some of the biggest International Bhangra Anthems across 3 monster albums “MIDAS TOUCH”, “MIDAS TOUCH 2” and “FOREVER GOLD”  with hit's such as “MITTEH GANNEH”, “SHADALEY”, “ADDI MARDI”, “ISHARIAN TE NACHNA”, “MAA”, “CHAL HUN”, “TUTHAA WALE KHOO” and many more.

They collaborate once again to bring you what promises to be a huge action packed Musical & Lyrical Masterpeice of an Album.

Listen to free samples and download MP3 using the player:

Are you ready for the Golden Duo once again?