A Happy Birthday Message and a Greeting Card for Aparajita Ghosh Das

Birthday Greeting Card for Aparajita Ghosh Das
A Special Birthday Greeting Card for Actress Aparajita Ghosh Das

Bengali Actress Aparajita Ghosh Das' birthday is on March 21. We join Loya Islam from Dhaka, Bangladesh, avid follower of Aparajita Ghosh Das, in sending the following message for the actress on the occasion, along with the photo-collage created by Loya above:

Everyone's life is a journey but for Aparajita life is  a wonderful journey of creativity . From a bit role in Anjan Das's award-winning film "Iti Srikanto" to being the leading lady in acclaimed director Atanu Ghosh's yet to be released film " Ek Phaali Rodh", Aparajita has come a long way . From a single-episode appearance in a negative role in  "Haalkhata" as a part of Anindo Banerjee's Mega Serial : "Shudhu Tomari Jonnyo" to effervescent Hiya in "Ekhane Akash Neel ", she has mesmerized television-viewers every evening. These days she is solving murder-mysteries as young intelligent and stylish lady-detective Mrinalini Dostidar , endearingly called  Mili in the Bengali television serial : "Checkmate". She has portrayed every character in her own beautifully believable way.

She has anchored quite a few tele-magazines and has presented a cookery-show with absolute finesse of a master-chef and why not , she is a foodie .

Aparajita loves travelling and she wants to go to a trekking-trip to Sandakfu.

She is an animal-lover ; a connoisseur of good music and an avid reader. She is an inspirational human being and a pertinacious traveler who goes on with time but never forgets to enjoy the aroma of life ! 

For your birthday……..

We want to wish you a happy happy bday

& also want you to know that

you are loved by all of your fans.

always take care.GOD bless you & ur family.

love you Aparajita .