Shemaroo Releases National Award Winner "Pancham Unmixed: Mujhe Chalte Jaana Hai" Online

Mumbai, March 20, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) For all those who love music, films and are fans of R. D. Burman, they will now get an opportunity to connect to him through his life-story told by people who were an integral part of his life. Shemaroo releases the National Award winning documentary film – Pancham Unmixed: Mujhe Chalte Jaana Hai on their Youtube channel shemaroomovies. Watch the movie HERE.

Pancham Unmixed is a masterpiece directed by Brahmanand S Siingh that encapsulates, in a very balanced way, practically every phase of R. D. Burman life, right from his struggling days to his success, low phase and his genius instinct of music. The film has been featured in several International film festivals and won awards and rave reviews ---- from its world premiere at Arclight Hollywood in Los Angeles to the recently held Kala Ghoda Film Festival in Mumbai. Our DVD release has also been an equally well-received and sought-after one.

After winning several accolades and hearts of people all over, the film now releases on YouTube to reach the gen-next audience. The director of the film Brahmanand S Siingh shares his thoughts on the occasion, “It’s been an overwhelming experience for me … to say the least … I feel my entire effort was a worthwhile one when I see the way people come out of the film moved and charged … I feel privileged to have done my bit to bring the brilliant composer to everyone … plain, personal and honest …”

The film Pancham Unmixed is certain to evoke awe, admiration and nostalgia among audiences the way most of his music does, even today. The film Pancham Unmixed has been showcased in many International Film Festivals and won lot of accolades. Featuring a host of Pancham Da’s family, close friends, colleagues and admirers like - Asha Bhosle, Gulzar, Javed Akhtar, Manna Dey, Shammi Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor among others – the film Pancham Unmixed has touched everyone around the globe.