Interview: Creations in Silver - Indian Jewelry Designer Purvi Dhruv

By Bidisha Bagchi

Indian Silver Jewelry Designer Purvi Dhruv
Purvi Dhruv

Designer Purvi Dhruv's silver jewellery has been able to capture the eye of a large chunk of ladies in India and abroad and they have been converted into faithful clients who keep coming back for more. Purvi, who is also a management graduate, chatted with WBRi about her designs and creations.

How did this idea of jewellery come to you?

My husband has a business of precious metals and chemicals. I got to interact a lot with jewelers and also regularly visited their showrooms as I used to handle the marketing of his company. I was quite fascinated by the different types that were made and sold in India. But there was still a dearth of designer ones which had a modern twist to it. Initially I tried my hand at a collection in 22kt gold and it was very well received. I continued with gold for a while but always wanted my collection to be affordable and have a wider audience. That’s how my collection was born where we dabble a lot with silver and other alloys to make a product as good as gold in its appeal.

Is there any particular group of people for whom you make this label or collection?

My jewellery is targeted at those style Divas who have a mind of their own. The creations have been adorned by leading ladies not only in Bollywood but also have been flaunted by Hollywood celebrities on red carpet events.

What is special about your kind of jewellery?

Well, my pieces are eclectic mixtures of modern design with a traditional twist. The pieces can be effortlessly teamed up with western as well as traditional clothes. My karigars (craftsmen) are all trained to work on gold, so the finish that they give me in silver is just awesome and as good as gold. Even though there are plenty of brands in the market of fashion jewellery, I can definitely say that mine is one of the most sought after.

Designer Silver Jewelry from India

Designer Silver Jewelry from India

Designer Silver Jewelry from India

What are the collections that you have launched so far?

We have a new collection every 2 months and till now I have has successfully launched different lines:

One, comprising of pieces crafted in 92.5% beaten silver, which is gold plated and studded with precious and semi precious chunky gemstones and the other is a line which comprises of gold foil used on wax. This is a line well suited for weddings or other such bridal occasions - some of the earrings and neck-pieces are chunky and liberally decorated with rubies, emerald, jade, pearl and other such precious gems. The intricate meenakari motifs used on the rear side of rings and earrings, add more beauty and value to each individual piece.

Another range is studded with premium CZ's and is Rhodium plated and chandelier earrings with semi precious stones are a highlight of this collection. The recently launched ones based on royal and devotional lines have been very well received. The first one has a lot of detailing inspired by the Mughal Era. There is a liberal use of the turquoise gemstones, pearls, mother of pearl, kundan, polki stones etc. Also the very intricately done Meenakari (enameling) and black rhodium plating adds to the beauty of the piece. Through the other one, I have tried to give the traditional South Indian technique of jewellery making a contemporary touch.

Are there any plans of bringing this collection to the United States?

A few designers have been buying my creations regularly and selling under their brand names. But, we also ship the pieces directly to whoever contacts us. It takes 7 working days for a piece to reach anywhere in the US.

Editor's Note: For more information on Purvi Dhruv's Citrine Jewelry collections, visit the official facebook page.

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