Indian-American Fashion Designer Parna Ghose Showcases Her Spring-Summer Collection at Dubai Fashion Week

Models Walk Ramp at Dubai Fashion Week

New York, NY (Washington Bangla Radio / PRWEB) Although South Asian fashion designers are well recognized globally, they earned their international reputation by catering to Western taste. Thanks to a growing and successful Indian diaspora, the international fashion audience is beginning to recognize the distinctive taste of South Asian community. A few US-based Indian designers, like Parna Ghose of Pure Elegance, are taking up the challenge further and blending trend with tradition effectively to make Indian fashion relevant among international audience. Parna is the first designer ever from US to be invited to showcase ethnic Indian fashions like sarees, bridal lehengas, salwar, and kurtis to the upcoming Dubai Fashion Week® (DFW). This invitation from DFW marks a new trend in recognizing Indian fashion that is created globally.

Increased globalization and Internet has given modern South Asian women instant access to the latest global trends. However when it comes to picking their own style, they choose fashion that is tasteful, contemporary, and practical. “My primary clientele is modern, successful, South-Asian women,” said Parna Ghose of Pure Elegance - USA. “They are constantly balancing between their external existences in professional life and their internal values at home, with families and in social environments. My goal is to help them manage this disparity and strike a balance through style and fashion”.

“The hallmark of our design is in its flawless craftsmanship and attention to detail. We focus on bringing out the individuality and exuberance through our unique, unforgettable pieces,” said Parna Ghose of Pure Elegance - USA. Pure Elegance is a fashion brand created in US for South-Asian women worldwide. It is the first of its kind in the USA to combine both high-end Indian fusion fashion and accessories, with exquisite ethnic clothing and jewelry under one roof. Pure Elegance captures the essence of India and blends it with the best that the contemporary West has to offer.

Since its inception about three years ago, Pure Elegance enjoys a strong following worldwide. It now has nearly thirty thousand Fans on its Facebook social-networking page and is one of the fastest growing South-Asian fashion brands in US. With its recent success at the Washington DC Fashion Week, Pure Elegance is eyeing the lucrative and fast-growing Indian bridal wear market that is over four billion dollars in size globally. With this invitation at Dubai Fashion week, Pure Elegance is also hoping to tap into growing South Asian fashion market in the Middle East and beyond.

Dubai Fashion Week (DFW) is a ‘by invitation only' fashion design and trade event that brings together major players of the fashion industry from around the globe. DFW “Spring Summer 2012” will be hosted at The Arena Dubai World Trade Center from October 20-24, 2011. This event takes place twice every year and enables fashion designers from the Middle East and around the region to showcase their collections to the media, individual and commercial buyers (retailers, buying houses, distributors, wholesalers, agents, and potential franchisees) from around the globe. The five-day event comprises of collection shows as well as exhibition by the designers and their sponsors. As the only industry based fashion design trade event in Middle East, DFW provides fashion designers and corporations the ability to launch their brand throughout the region.