B. L.Gautam’s novel "Andy Leelu" - a bold new voice in Indian literature in English

Mumbai, March 8, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Zorba Publishers has launched author B L Gautam’s book ‘Andy Leelu’.   Andy Leelu, with a tag-line of "A Runaway Boy", is a novel that showcases a bold new voice in the world of Indian literature in English.  It is a voice reminiscent of Munshi Premchand — honest and raw.

Andy Leelu is a semi autobiographical account of BL Gautam’s life in the small town of Sehore in Northern India. The setting is in the early years of independence when the country was still struggling to come to terms with modernity and nation defining events were taking place.  As a child BL Gautam weaves a story of companionship, camaraderie and all the experiences of his wonder years.BL Gautam narrates the story of his extended family headed by a stern loving father and a devil may care cousin. He has very adroitly weaved the complex settings of a joint family, unsaid but well known rules with the rebellion of youth hood and the yearning to know beyond the obvious.

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A juvenile offender emerges into a crusader against the diabolical when the calling comes. The backdrop of formative years of a nation-state burdened with onerous legacy gives a depth the story deserves. Andy Leelu, an incorrigible "bad" boy, finally dares to barge open the doors the good and decent would fear to step in.

Andy Leelu is a multilayered tale replete with mythological and historical threads. Multiple characters and events are intricately woven into an enigmatic tale. The writer, with Shawesque vitriol, characterises India of sixties through the innocent eyes of a "just woken up" village unable to separate the realities from the dreams of the previous night.

The intensely local yarn of Andy Leelu makes it universal in spirit.

It’s also available in all leading books stores at price Rs.125 (Page173) or Visit:Zorba Publishers (http://www.zorbapublishers.com) is a niche publishing house focused on quality and contemporary literature from emerging writers.