Film Preview: B B Phuyal's The Last Kiss (2012) Nepali Movie - A Unique Love Story

The Last Kiss (2012) Nepali Movie

Kathmandu, March 6, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Nepali cinema is continuing to shed inhibitions - the trailer of this one starts off with a a couple of back-to-back hot kissing scenes! It's a shame this is followed soon by a man - of all things - peeing in the woods with the girl watching!

But wait - soon things get even more sizzling with actual hints of love-making scenes. However, it quickly becomes apparent there is a vicious angle to this all, with knives, blood and gore popping up.

There is a lot of forest in the trailer, and perhaps the entire film is about a dark mystery of the jungle where animal instincts abound. Is it a about a deranged man or a beast ?

Directed by B B Phuyal, the film features newcomer Puskar Jung Thapa opposite Shovita Simkhada as the lead star cast, with Suresh Chaudhary, Uddab Thapa, Boby Roza and others.

Watch the trailer.

The Last Kiss is a Xenium Media House presentation, with the tag-line of "A Unique Love Story". It is expected to rrelease worldwide on April 15, 2012.