The Sparkling Premiere Bhalobasha Off Route-E (Bengali, 2012) Tollywood Movie in Kolkata

Bengali Actress Tanusree Chakraborty at the premiere of Bhalobasha Off Route-E
Tanushree Chakraborty at the premiere of Bhalobasha Off Route-E

Calcutta, March 3, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Indira Cinema in Calcutta came to life when popular faces from the Bengali film industry thronged its premises on Friday, the 3rd of March for the premiere of “Bhalobasha Off Route-E”. For the old timers, Indira Cinema has for long been home to projections of popular Bengali films from the golden era and cineastes will recollect having seen several films of their yesteryear stars on its big screen.

Friday’s premier made at least one thing clear; that despite the heavy influx of Bollywood, the cinegoers in Kolkata still love their dose of popular Bengali cinema. “Bhalobasha Off Route-E” directed by Arunava Khasnabis (interview) and based on a script by Padmanava Dasgupta speaks about rivalry and revenge. The cast of the film consists of talented actors including Rahul, Aviraj (interview), Rudranil Ghosh (interview), Saswata Chatterjee, Kanchan Mullick, Tanusree Chakraborty (interview) , Sudarshana Sengupta, Padmanava Dasgupta and others. The music is by debutante director Debarpito. Before the show, the music composer made it clear that although he tried to experiment with several forms of music, he could not claim that the music was different. He said that he tried his best to compose according to the theme of the film. The real draw of the movie even before the premiere was the script by Padmanava Dasgupta, who is turning into quite a sensation in the contemporary Bangla film industry. Padmanava’s scripts have recently churned a number of blockbusters and as such the screenplay was the most sought after.

Bhalobasa OffRoute-E Bengali Film Poster

The cast of the film is also one of the high points and is dotted with popular names. Rudraneel and Tanusree will once again share screen space after ‘Bedroom’ while Saswata Chatterjee continues with a good track record after ‘Nobel Chor’. Other actors, including Rahul, Kanchan (as the dependable comic relief) and Kharaj have all etched out their places in mainstream Bangla cinema. The presence of these notable performers turned the premiere into a starry affair and fans helped themselves to autographs director mentioned that he wanted to explore the abilities of young and upcoming talents who are relatively lesser known. As such, the film also includes lesser known actors such as Prasun Gayen and Parthasarathi Chakraborty. The mix of newcomers and professionals in a film is a healthy choice for a new director. The director through his work wishes to change the viewing experience of the Bengali audience and is hopeful for a new wave of change.

Bhalobasa OffRoute-E Bengali Film Poster

During the screening, one could occasionally hear claps and shrills, probably serving as appreciative gestures to the writer or film director. The overall atmosphere was warm and light hearted as some of the members of the cast and crew sat watching nervously, trying to grasp every fleeting reaction. The ambience was tense during the dramatic finale, as the viewers remained glued to the screen. As the final credits rolled along with the specially made music video, everybody seemed to retain the underlying feeling of triumph.  And triumph it was. The smiles on the faces of the viewers were proof enough.

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