Make time for a Classic drama UPANISHAD GANGA

Mumbai, India (Washington Bangla Radio / After watching the film ‘Rakht Charitra’ one could only hate the villainous character played by ‘Abhimanyu Singh’. Of course it was only because of his performance that one actually got fixated with his character. Later too, he bagged a Star Dust award for his negative role in the film ‘Gulaal’.

However, now taking a break from his villainous acts and stepping further into acting Abhimanyu Singh is playing a very sober character in the latest drama, ‘Upanishad Ganga’. And probably the biggest leap in his acting would be through this series as he is not playing just one, but thirty three characters in all!

For ‘Upanishad Ganga’, ‘Abhimanyu Singh’ is playing Shri Krishna, Indra Devta, Samrat Ashok and Aurangzeb among the many. This epic drama is directed by Dr. Chandra Prakash Dwivedi and produced by Chinmaya Mission Trust. So all you Abhimanyu fans can gear up to witness excellent performances from the actor through Upanishad Ganga as it airs from March 11, every Sunday at 10 in the morning.