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London Paris New York (2012) Bollywood Film Poster

Kolkata March, 3, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio / Penning Creations) Rom-coms seem to be the flavor of the season for our ‘beloved’ Bollywood industry, which is on a mission to blend love in our veins and outset emotions in our filmy hearts (pun intended!).  With back to back romantic flicks, the Hindi film industry is on a ride to cupid’s domicile.  Unable to get over with the idea of ‘Eternal Romance’,  Bollywood has been churning out with loads of romantic flicks like ‘DDLJ’ and  ‘K3G’ over the years, and, with the crossing hour, few successful experiments have been made which has really turned the wheel. But, what actually does the trick is the plot of the movie and how it has been portrayed by its protagonist to make the audiences involve in the characters without any legato, that they prefer not leave their seats even when their pancreas is calling for an emergency break!. It all hinges on the lead pair and their romantic endeavor which enables you to focus on the movie than on popcorn or your fellow side seater (which is the only compensation for a boring on screen act). Rest assured, Anu Menon’s directional debut ‘London Paris New York’ is be more appealing than your enticing pop corn bucket.

Official Trailer: London Paris New York (Hindi, 2012)

Rose Movies and Fox Star Studios’  ‘London Paris New York’ offers the vernal and ‘young at heart’ lovers a one hour 40 minutes dainty love tour from London to Paris and then to New York, with their mates at a convenient ticket prize, in a snug multiplex theatre seat.  This bog standard movie talks about the two leading couples ‘Nikhil Chopra’ (Ali Zafar) a rich ‘amchi Mumbai’ Punjabi lad of an affluent film producer (a perfect material for girls nowadays) and ‘Lalitha Krishnan’ (Aditi Rao Hydari) a bourgeoisie filly from a South Indian family with a gumptious out-to-change the world attitude, accidentally bumps into each other at the London airport.

A few sparks and amorous coquetting follow and their journey of love starts from London, extends to Paris and finally concludes in New York (now that’s when you say love knows no boundaries!). Director Anu Menon made sure to tot up the 8 long years of extended romance in not more than 100 minutes (relief!!). Each time the couple meets their notion of love changes with the city (and with time!). Outfitted with a canny plot, ‘London Paris New York’ made an attempt to connect with the real couples with the help of the crackling chemistry of the reel couples on screen, and, their ravishing on filmy chemistry along with bona fide confessions of love.

Depicting the undeniable elements of love-angst, pain, torment and happiness, ‘London Paris New York’ refers to the un-mutilated and joyous part of love and relationships. Initiated with a light hearted note, ‘London Paris New York’ owes its fealty to well acclaimed Hollywood flicks namely ‘Before Sunrise’ and ‘500 Days of Summer’ (original script is something the Hindi film industry needs to adapt, albeit. how tempting Hollywood or Kollywood is). Menon, astutely shapes the film without any cliché, but lacks to come up with an eloquent screenplay. Rhetoric and magniloquent dialogue delivery sure attracts the audiences, but, is unable to hold on to them for long. To your relief, Menon has cut off any amplified drama in the movie (which is the core of Karan Johar’s early deeds such as ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham’) and made an honest attempt to present a contemporary love story in unconventional situations. However, the verbose use of language in the movie is definitely a step back from the tag of a successful commercial flick.  The story never progresses much after the two leading characters meet.  With a languid 1st half, the story sluggishly approaches towards the 2nd half of the movie which is as rejuvenating and stimulating as it should have been.

Adding to the substantive value of the film are the movie locations, which are feast for the eyes. For those who believed Switzerland was the ideal location for romance (starting from ‘Silsila’ days), this film is an eye opener for them with exotic locations and jaw dropping sceneries, shot with different lighting techniques and cameras. Cinematographer Sameer Arya has raised the acceptance level of this movie from mediocrity.  Predictable like other rom-coms, the male is bit dumb, unlike, the girl who is smart as expected. This Mills and Boons reader has enough charm which works on any girl, even a Will Durant reader. Witty and kinky as it may sound, ‘London Paris New York’ displays the kudos chemistry of the singer cum actor-Ali Zafar and versatile Aditi Rao Hydari, and makers the viewers desire such a opposite mate for themselves(human nature prevails).

The ‘Tere Bin Laden’ actor-Ali Zafar has evolved significantly and have honed in his role playing skills. Owing to his pop star image, Ali has composed and sung ear pleasing songs and displayed his competency with poise that meets the eye. ‘Woh Dekha Maine’ is definitely the cherry on the toppings. With a racy title track, the crinky eyed Ali Zafar did justice to the enchanting cocky character of ‘Nikhil’ with a half smile on his face and slight impertinence, he adds vigor to his character, that could be related with the audiences. His outburst under the Brooklyn bridge of New York proves yet again that serenading is not the only field he is good at.

Aditi Rao Hydrai, does a likeable job in her first full fledged role as a leading veteran. With a girl next door charm and street smartness, the lady looks absolutely stupefying, trying to capture every shot more radiantly. She poignantly played the intricate moments and left a mark as one of her best performance of her brief career in the Bollywood industry. Sharing a splendid chemistry with Ali, Aditi Rao has definitely earned brownie points for her contribution in the movie.

If you are madly in love and would like to juggle with the very notion of it, ‘London Paris New York’ is a must watch for you. Popcorn, soft drinks and an amiable company will add to this world tour of romance.